High Quality Feed Attractant l-glycine/glycine powder betaine price

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High Quality Feed Attractant l-glycine/glycine powder betaine price

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Product Description
Product NameGlycine
Other Name L-Glycine, Aminoethanoic acid
AppearanceWhite crystalline powder 
CAS No.56-04-6
Molecular FormulaC2H5NO2
Molecular Weight75.07


Glycine is the smallest of the 20 nonessential amino acids that make up the building blocks of plant and animal proteins. A sweet-tasting crystalline solid, glycine is the primary amino acid in sugar cane. In the body, it is found mainly in muscle tissue, connective tissue and skin. Glycine has several important functions in the body, including helping to regulate blood sugars by breaking glucose down into energy, helping to regulate the synthesis of bile acids to break down fats


Benefits1. Improve feed conversion rate,
2. Reproductive performance,
3. Enhancing the Disease Resistance of Animals
4. Improving quality of animals


As feed additive, it can make poultry nutrition balance, improve meat quality and productivity.


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