Mini hydro power plant/ francis turbine generator hydro water francis turbine 50kw 100kw 

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hydro water francis turbine 50kw 100kw 

Product Description


off-grid 200kw hydropower plant mini

The Francis turbine fills a large gap between the Pelton and Kaplan and it is widely used. They operate in water head from 10 to 600 meters, and are primarily used for electric power generation. Their power output can be calculated from the water head and flow rate and typically range from 10 to more than 700 megawatts. One of the distinct advantages of the Francis turbine with respect to other water turbines is that they can also be used as water pump. This makes them ideal for a pumped storage systems.

off-grid 200kw hydropower plant mini

Francis turbines may be designed for a wide range of heads and flows. This, along with their high efficiency, has made them the most widely used turbine in the world. In contrast to the Pelton turbine, the Francis turbine operates at its best completely filled with water at all times. The turbine and the outlet channel may be placed lower than the lake or sea level outside, reducing the tendency for cavitation. 

In addition to electrical production, they may also be used for pumped storage, where a reservoir is filled by the turbine (acting as a pump) driven by the generator acting as a large electrical motor during periods of low power demand, and then reversed and used to generate power during peak demand. These pump storage reservoirs act as large energy storage sources to store "excess" electrical energy in the form of water in elevated reservoirs.

off-grid 200kw hydropower plant mini

off-grid 200kw hydropower plant mini

MaterialSteel plate/Stainless steel
Shaft typeVertical/Horizontal
Power range50KW-20MW
Speed range150RPM-1000RPM
Inlet directionVertical/Horizontal
Runner range30cm-200cm
Guide vaneCounter Weight

off-grid 200kw hydropower plant minioff-grid 200kw hydropower plant mini

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off-grid 200kw hydropower plant mini


Why choose us?


1.More than 30 years of industry experience, install commissioning more than 150 equipment each year

2.Provide complete proposal for hydro power plant from water to wire

3.Abundant foreign power plant project implementation experience

4.Design and manufacture of hydro power generator with voltage 400V

Case & Exhibition

off-grid 200kw hydropower plant minioff-grid 200kw hydropower plant mini

Company and Factory



off-grid 200kw hydropower plant mini

Hongya Power Generating Equipment To Utilities Limited(HPGE), is a professional manufacturer with 16 years experience of hydro power plant set.HPGE have 200 workers, which the R&D part is 25%.


We have the equipment inclueded: Francis, pelton, turgo, Kaplan turbine, synchronous generator, speed governor, brushless excitor, hydraulic hardware etc with unit turbine generator set capacity under 20mw.HPGE offer a comprehensive range of hydroelectric power plant service such as: Project consultant of mini Hpp; Site management studies; equipment Design; Hydroelectric equipment Manufacture; Project management; Installation guidance; Commission and start operation; Operation guidance; Hydroelectric equipment maintenance etc.


We cooperate with more than 300 hydro power plants with more than 600 turbine generators sets, areas covering more than 20 provinces of China and also international markets such as Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Albania,Vietnam Indonesia, Nepal, Laos, Sri Lanka, Cuba and Brazil etc.

off-grid 200kw hydropower plant mini



off-grid 200kw hydropower plant mini

Packaging & Shipping


off-grid 200kw hydropower plant mini

off-grid 200kw hydropower plant mini


1.You are a trading company or a manufacture?

We are a hydro turbine generator manufacture with over 15 years of experiences, Our factory is in the Sichuan you will take 2 hours driving after you reach Shuangliu Airport, pay a visit to our factory you will know more about us.


2.What Kind of water turbine should I choose?

We need to know water head, flow rate, voltage level, frequency, on-grid or off-grid running, automation level from you to work out the solution.


3: Can you do the EPC for the hydro power plant?

Yes, We can design, producing and install the equipment, we will dispatch technologist and workers to install the equipment.


4: what the packing of the equipment?

We will use wooden box to protect product

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