58 Sell CNG cylinders, ISO11439, 145L

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Provide CNG cylinders, ISO11439, 145L .



Standard :ISO11439:2000;

Material: 34CrMo4;

Working pressure: 200bar;

Hydraulic test pressure: 300bar;

Thread: DIN standard;

Stamp: standard stamp marking on the shell of cylinders;

Service life:15 years.

The CNG cylinders are manufactured strictly according to ISO11439 standard, and are compatible with standard cylinder valves and other conversion kits.



The CNG cylinders can be installed on various types natural gas vehicles, such as cars, buses, coaches, trucks, ships, etc, usually are placed in the rear part on the safe side. The specification of the cylinders are designed according to the actual requirements of vehicles.

Outer diameters varies from 232mm, 267mm, 325mm,356mm to 406mm, etc;

Water capacity varies from: 20L to 198L;

The Height varies from 660mm to 1920mm.




CNG-1 232325








Cylinders under other standards:


ISO9809 standard


ISO11120 standard





CNG(compressed natural gas) are widely used as an alternative fuel due to its features of low cost, friendly to environment. CNG cylinders are designed to store CNG and can be installed on the natural gas vehicles that run by CNG powered engines.


There are mainly two types: Normal size CNG cylinders and Jumbo CNG cylinders.


Normal size CNG cylinders can be installed on various types natural gas vehicles(NGV) such as cars, buses, coaches, trucks, boats, ships etc. The CNG cylinders are designed as storage equipments to hold CNG(compressed natural gas) which can be used as fuel to drive the natural gas vehicles, including natural gas based vehicles , diesel-to-gas conversion vehicles or other vehicles that can be driven by CNG.


Jumbo size CNG cylinders are designed for storage and transportation. Usually the assembly of CNG cylinders or CNG cascades can be used as CNG storage equipments and placed in the gas refueling stations to fuel vehicles.


Jumbo CNG cylinders also can be mounted on CNG tube trailers, and transport CNG from one place to another, widely know as 8-tube CNG trailers and 10-tube CNG trailers, 25Mpa;


Jumbo Hydraulic CNG trailers not only can transport CNG, but also are an essential part of CNG filling station, other parts are hydraulic booster skid, CNG dispenser, PLC control panel, etc.


Hydraulic CNG trailers, hydraulic pressurization skid, CNG dispensers, PLC control panel and some other equipments are assembled in a certain way to made up a daughter station which can fuel cars.




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