UFMR1000 robotic ultrasonic cake cutting machine automatic cutter cheese

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UFMR1000 Robotic Cake Slicing Machine

Product Description ·

This robotic cake slicing machine is designed to cut round or sheet products with an ultrasonic blade. The machine can slice round, square, rectangles or triangles and uses a front loading system to improve efficiency in the cutting cycles. The custom cut patterns are saved in the machine’s computer, making changeover between products quick and easy. The robotic arm improves the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of the cutting process, producing professional looking products every time. The equipment can be connected to the extruder, which can continuously cut the product, and has high cutting efficiency. After that, it can be connected to the packaging machine or the baking furnace to realize the automatic operation of the assembly line.

  • The device has four slitting modes, including circular halved mode, slice mode, rectangular cut square mode, and rectangular cut triangle mode. Parameters such as working speed and angle are adjustable.

  • It has a slitting function for baked goods such as cakes and pizzas of various shapes.

Cutting Mode Schematic · 


Actual Cutting Effect · 


Key Features ·

  • Cheersonic ultrasonic cutting with less friction

  • Robotic cutting equipment for flexibility, reliability and accuracy

  • Remote access function

  • Automatic positioning and slitting of cut products based on previously entered parameters

Application ·

This robotic ultrasonic cutting machine can be used to cut round, rectangular, triangular and other baked goods (cakes, breads, pizzas, sandwiches, etc.) to achieve the ideal slitting.

  • Baking cakes

  • Pizza

  • Sandwiches

  • Candy

  • Ice cream

  • Cheese

  • Frozen products

Parameter ·

 UFMR1000 Robotic Cake Slicing Machine
Machine Size1900*1450*2300
Rated Power4kw
Cutting Speedup to 12 products per minute
Can Handle Size RangeRectangular: 700*600mm; Round: 12 inches
Temperature Range-18℃—40℃
Height of the Effective Blade60mm
Length of the Effective Blade600mm
Control SystemSix-axis Control System
Mechanical MaterialStainless Steel
Blade MaterialTitanium
Operation ModeAutomatic
Operation InterfaceTouch Screen
Food Loading ModeSemi-automatic
Cutting Can Control HeightYES
Cutting Can Control AngleYES
Cutting Accuracy±0.2mm

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