building glass tempered glass curtain wall price

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Product Overview


_01.jpgbuilding glass tempered glass curtain wall price

Product Description



7(1)Laurel tempered glass ,or toughened glass,is made by heating annealed glass at a temperature of approximately 650℃ celsius,when it starts to soften,A strong compression being created when the external surfaces are then rapidly cooled.The heating process,followed by the cooling one is controlled and the parameters used by this process have a fundamental influence on the quality of the tempered glass.A fully tempered glass is 4 to 5 times stronger than an annealed glass of similar thickness.


Glass can be heat-strengthened, heat-soaked, polished edges, drilled, tripped, and silkscreened, digital printed


We can offer all of standard edgeworks such as arrissed/seamed edge {with blank spots},ground edge,smooth polished edge,bevel edge,dubbed corners.




 Product name  building glass tempered glass curtain wall price
 Size  Custom Sizes
 Thickness  2-19mm
 Shape  Curve, Flat
 Material  Qualified Tempered Float Glass
 MOQ  5 square meters

 Type of glass

Clear float, Ultra clear, Bronze tinted float, Euro grey tinted float, Dark grey tinted float, Dark blue tinted float, Fort/Lake blue tinted float, F-Green tinted float, Dark green tinted float

 Delivery time  Within 15-20 days
Feature:When this type of glass is broken, it crumbles into small granular chunks. It doesn't splinter or create jagged shards like plate glass does. These granular chunks are preferred because they are less likely to cause injurie.

1. 5 times stronger than normal annealed glass

2. Higher thermal shock strength

3. Wind loads

4. Safe

5. Durable lifetime



 1. Swimming pools

 2. Outdoor areas such as poolside patio tables

 3. Balcony doors

 4. Shower doors and bathroom areas

 5. Indoor table tops

 6. Glass shelves

 7. Offices and businesses

 8. Greenhousesapplication.jpg

Company Information


Qingdao Laurel Glass Technology Co., Ltd is one of the most professional and reputable glass manufacturer and supplier in China with more than 15 years. Laurel Glass is committed to offering constant and continuous manufacturing improvements through further research and development in areas related to high performance, energy efficiency, safety and environment friendly and aesthetics seeking, such as Low-E coating, solar power system, energy saving insulated glass units, and other various laminated glass, tempered glass, IGU glass, silkscreen glass, louver glass, mirrors and other glass for the solutions on the windows and doors of the residential glass, curtain walls and projects of the commercial glass, shower doors and other decorative glass as well.

Laurel Glass are exported more than 90 countries and regions in the world and make high value to customers by our highest quality, most competitive price and perfect service. All of our products meet the quality standard for different countries and regions in the world and we have Australian Certificate for Australian market, SGCC certificate for Northern American market and CE for European market.

Laurel Glass is the best option of the owners, developers and architects in the world for the who are seeking in their design and idea.1.jpg

Packaging & Shipping


Safety sea worthy wooden or plywood cases with interlayer paper.


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1.What’s your MOQ for each kind of glass ?

 One crate for small size and 1X20’GP.


2.What’s your loading time ?

 7-15 days for normal size.


3.What’s your main marking of your products ?

 Our main markets are America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Germany, France, etc.


4.What’s your payment terms ?

 Our payment terms are T/T, L/C, D/P.


5.Can you product customized size and design ?

 Yes,we can produce any sizes and designs according to customer’s request.

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