GMP Approved Meilan ND Live Vaccine Strain HB1 for Poultry

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Product Overview


Meilan ND Live Vaccine Strain HB1








Product Description

Newcastle Disease Live Vaccine (Strain HB1)


Main Composition:

Newcastle disease virus low virulence and attenuated virus strain HB1 (CVCC AV1613)  106.0EID50/dose.



Spongy loose lump, easy to break away from the bottle wall, dissolve quickly after adding diluent.



Used for preventing Newcastle Disease.


Dosage and administration:

Inoculation by Nasal drop, Eye drop, Drinking or Spray.

According to the doses that indicated by bottle label, diluted with saline or appropriate diluent.

By nasal drop or eye drop, 0.05ml for each; By drinking or spray, double dose.



1. Spray inoculation is prohibited for chickens infected with Mycoplasma.

2. Put in dark place after dilution, use up within 4 hours. For drinking inoculation, drinking water should be clean and not contain chlorine and other disinfectants. Do not use metal containers.     

3. It should be treated innocuously for the used vaccine bottles, utensils and unused vaccines.



1000 doses/vial


Storage: keep below -15℃; Valid for 24 months.

Product Advantages

*Effective prevention of respiratory and intestinal Newcastle disease.


*Full suspension cell culture, the strains can be colonized both in the intestine and in the respiratory tract, which can resist the all-out attack of Newcastle Disease, with wide immune range and low side effects.


*Advanced chromatography technology and virus purification technology are adopted to ensure the safety and purity of the vaccine without exogenous pollution.


*The new lyophilized protective agent can significantly improve the antibody titer after vaccination.


Product Catalogue

NO.Trade NameProduct DescriptionSpecification
  Live Vaccine 
L-1LANKEXINND live vaccine (Strain La Sota)1000 dose/vial
L-2LANYIJINGND live vaccine (Strain HB1)1000 dose/vial
L-3MEILANKEND live vaccine (Strain Clone30)1000 dose/vial
L-4LANKEZHIIB live vaccine (Strain H120)1000 dose/vial
L-5LANSUQINGIB live vaccine (Strain H52)1000 dose/vial
L-6LANBEIWEIND + IB live vaccine (Strain La Sota + H120)1000 dose/vial
L-7LANBEIKANGND + IB live vaccine (Strain La Sota + H52)1000 dose/vial
L-8LANKEFAIB live vaccine (Strain B87)1000 dose/vial
L-9LANKEDOUFowl Pox live vaccine (Quail-attenuated)500 dose/vial
L-10LANYAPINGDuck Plague live vaccine250 dose/vial
  Inactivated Vaccine  
K-1LANBIJINGInfectious Coryza killed vaccine(Type A)250ml/bottle
K-2LANFUND + AI (H9 Subtype) killed vaccine
(Strain La Sota + WD)
K-3LANKANGND + IB + EDS killed vaccine
(Strain La Sota + M41 + HE02)
K-4LANBEIDUNND + IB + AI (H9 Subtype) killed vaccine
(Strain La Sota + M41 + HZ)
K-5XINLIUFAND + AI (H9 Subtype) + IBD killed vaccine
(Strain La Sota + HZ + VPII)
K-6XINLIUXIANND + AI (H9 Subtype) + Fowl Adenovirus Group I (Type 4)
killed vaccine (Strain La Sota + WD + ML08)
K-7MEILANQINGND + IB + EDS + AI (H9 Subtype) killed vaccine
(Strain La Sota + M41 + HS25 + HZ)
K-8XINZHILIUFA ND + IB + AI (H9 Subtype) + IBD killed vaccine
(Strain La Sota + M41 + HZ + VPII)
K-9XINZHILIUXIAN ND + IB + AI (H9 Subtype) + Fowl Adenovirus Group I (Type 4) 
killed vaccine (Strain La Sota + M41 + HZ + ML08)
GMP Certificate


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1. Could i use my own logo on it?

> Sure, customers' logo can be made by laser, engraved, embossed, transfer printing etc.

2. Should i pay extra for logo printing ?

> if the qty is lower than the MOQ,need to paid extra print fee as following :inner packet, USD30.77

per color,inner box,USD15.39 per color .carton :USD38.46 per color.

3. How about the quality?

> Acquire the CE & FDA Certification.

> 100% QC in produce process and before package.

4.If i have my thoughts, do you have person to design according to my concept?

> Certainly,our design team is willing to do for you.

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