Factory direct supply face lift V line PDO molding thread suture threads with needle for facial shaping

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Factory direct supply face lift V line PDO molding thread suture threads with needle for facial shaping

Product Description

  001  The pdo thread  was originally used in heart surgery for the heart suture line, and then developed into a beauty line.It is the use of the human body to absorb the soluble spiral bolts to insert the surface skin, which stimulates theregeneration of collagen in the skin.In this way, the skin can be activated by activating the fibrous subcells, causing the skin to reach the tightness,increasing blood circulation and metabolism, which can delay the aging effect of the skin.

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 Why choose PDO Thread to beauty

         Protein-line suspension and wrinkle removal has little trauma, no bleeding, only local anesthesia.

 Furthermore, the operation is simple, safe and effective, with no trace on the surface and no pain in the patient.The line that is inserted into the skin has no harm to muscle tissue, has no toxic side effect, can also absorb degradation, does not affect the muscle movement.





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Model Name


Mono  line is widely used in skin recovery and local compact function for various body and face areas
Mono screw  Single screw is a single helix, and the pdo screw is raised to the ideal part, which promotes the skin's tight and natural anti-wrinkle face.facial double effect.
Tornado moisturizing, wrinkle, whitening, tender skin, shrink pores, and enhance the profile.
Tornado Screw with 2 strands of screw shaped sutures can hold skin more tightly and stimulate collagen twice more than normal Screw type.
cog COG with 360 ° directional cogs acts to hold the skin like hook when the thread is pulled.It can be applied in the area of face for lifting.


Q: What is the MOQ ? Can I mix with different models?
A: MOQ is only one pack! You can mix with different models.

Q: Is the PDO thread safe?
A: A large number of old customers are enough to prove it is safe.

Q: How long does the effect of PDO thread last?
A: The thread can be absorbed by the body for about 6-8 months,the effect is sustainable for about 2 years

Q: Can I pay by credit card?
A: Certainly.

Q: When will you arrange the dispatch once I paid you?
A: Shipped in 3 days after payment .

Q: Which courier or agent do you use?
A: sually, we use DHL, EMS, FED, UPS, TNT some international courier.

Q: How long can we receive the PDO thread?
A: About 3-10 days. But about 10-20 days by ePacket.bout 3-10 days.



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