Left hand drive popular fuel & electric sport car with air conditioner

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Right Hand Drive & Left Hand Drive Popular Fuel & Electric Sport Car with Air Conditioner 



  Sport Electric car detailed advantage

1, According to the standard design of small cars, easy to operate, comfortable driving.

2, The use of 220 volts ordinary civil power will be rechargeable, convenient and quick.

3 , Standard 3-5KW AC motor, small size, maintenance free, long life, high efficiency, good cooling and heat dissipation, powerful driving force.

4, The standard of intelligent controller (patented product, counterfeiting), electric controller in each locking state, such as remote control, unable to run the vehicle, improve vehicle safety grade.

5 , Equipped with front disc brake and full closed charger, the whole car is safe and reliable.

6 , Removable battery support bracket, convenient for users to change, optimize the structure of the car. Upgrade the aluminum alloy material rack, improve the overall appearance of the vehicle, and make it more beautiful.

7, One charge continued driving range 120-200KM (35Km/h constant speed, environmental temperature above 10 degrees), 100 kilometers power consumption 8-12KW, energy saving and environmental protection

8, Battery life 40 thousand -5 km, the use cost can be controlled to $0.01/km, is the fuel vehicle 1/8-1/10, affordable

9, Optional configuration: air conditioner, lead carbon batteries, half maintenance battery, AC motor, power steering, disc brakes, aluminum wheels, spare tire.

Sport electric car technical parameter:



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