For Agricultural Product Drying Machinery for dehydrated green pepper/dried Cassava Drying Machine/yam Dryer Machine

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Product Overview


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Product Description

The High Temperature Dehumidification Heat Pump Drying Machine,heat source using heat pump drying;high efficiency dehumidification system timely release of moisture in the baking room;the whole process of drying computre monitoring,accurate control of drying temperature;optimal air duct layout to ensure uniform temeprature in all parts of the baking room.All meterials in the baking room are heated evenly,the drying degree is even after drying,the color is uniform.During the drying process,there is no open dire or overheating.It can realize low temeprature drying.

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1. Super high temperature: the output wind temperature reach to 85 degrees, after more than 10 years of testing the market
2. Low temperature operation: the equipment can operate at -10 degrees Celsius, and the heat efficiency is high
3. Super high energy saving: the use of heat recovery technology, the system internal hot air circulation to reduce heat loss,according to the automatic humidity of the baking room humidity,energy saving efficiency in more than 70%, greatly reduce the operating cost.
4. Low carbon emission reduction: the drying process uses electric energy, environmental and no pollution, no waste water, waste gas and waste residue discharge, which is in line with the national environmental protection policy
5. Automation control: the use of integrated control system, man-machine interface, automatic control without personnel on duty
6. Installation is very simple, just connect import and export of air duct, the technical requirements to the installation worker is low
7. It is more competitive in the market, new products, there are selling points

Widely used to drying fruit,vegetable,herbs,meat and some seafood.Such as litchi,honeysuckle,daylily,mushrooms,blueberry,medlar,jujube,walnut,plum,tea,apricot,raisin,bacon,sausage, small shrimp etc.So this dryer can be a herb dehydrator or food dryer.

Product Specifications

Technical Parameters

Heat pump unit and fittings
Control system
External fan
Vaccum blower
Moisture exhaust fan
Moisture exhaust fan
Moisture exhaust fan

Drying room parameter and fittings
Material:Cold steel plate
Board material:Color steel plate
Insulation material:Polyurethane
Cold storage plate thickness:50mm
Fittings:Wire and Cable,U steel 100*50,Air duct,Square pipe bracket,Floor plate,Reinforce Square pipe steel,Dryroom doorSpecial
door,Rivet and glue,Other fittingsOption fittings(Trolley and tray):Tolley,Wood tray,Wood+SUS304 tray,Plastic tray,SUS304 tray

Project show

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As an enterprise that takes technology as the core and new technology products as the driving force for development, our company has always paid close attention to and insisted on the strong investment in technology research and development, obtained 33 patent certificates, and created the cascade new product echelon. Always maintain product technology leadership and rapid response to market demand.

Company Introduction

Dryfree is China's first factory specializing in the production of dehydrator, solar dryers, heat pump dryer machines and
solar+heat pump dryer, which used to dry fruit, flowers,agricultural products,herbs,nuts,meat,seafood,industrial products etc.Our company began to concentrate on the design and installation of drying engineering projects since 2002. In 2006, we established a factory in Dongguan to concentrate on the design, research and development, production of solar unit and heat pump drying unit.And we pioneered the combination of solar dryer and heat pump drying units to provide the most optimized new energy drying and energy-saving design scheme for customers.We hope to create more value for our customers and decrease more pollution and increase more green for our world “Work with your need, save more energy cost, decrease more pollution.”

Why choose us
1.We have stable R&D capital input.The powerful and comprehensive R&D team deeply understand clients’ demand.
2.We have well trained production team,stable and reliable excellent supply chain system and strict quality control system.
3.Dryfree have 15 years experience of drying industry and serve for thousands of customers in nearly 150 industries.There are more than 3000 successful cases.
4.We will provide you on-site service with the experienced project technicians.
5.Our leadership team have advanced business and management concept,rich enterprise operation experience and engineering project management practice.
6.Providing specially-assigned person tracing service to ensure the good communication and coordination with clients.

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