PVDF coating Aluminium Composite Cladding A2 Fireboard

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Product Overview



1. The factory is located in LINYI COMPREHENSIVE FREE TRADE ZONE and enjoy the DUTY-FREE right under the support of the local government

2.The raw material of color coated aluminum coil is produced by ourselves, we select the qualified aluminum alloy from CHALCO, Southwest Aluminum, etc

3.There are 6 advanced continuous laminating production line and adopt dual extrusive techniques. It is the first to adopt the foul-roll calendaring in China, which improved the board surface quality dramatically. The annual capacity is up 8,000,000.00 square meters and the special size is available, too

4.The fullest ACP product series, including low-end, middle-end, high-end, highest-end product. We supply customized service

5.It is with ISO9001, CE, SGS certification and has been exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc

6.Strict quality control system 

Thickness of coating
16um to 18um
26um to 28um
Coating flexibility (T-bend)
Color difference
△E≤0.50 (solid color), △E≤0.80 (metallic color)
Pencil hardness
Chemical resistance
No change 
(2% HCI or 2% NaOH test in 24h)
No change
 (5% HCI or 5% NaOH in 24h; ASTM D1308)
Coating adhesion
0 grade (for 10x10mm2 gridding test)
Resist solvent
No change for 150 times (MEK)
No change for 200 times (MEK)
Boiling water resistance
No change, coating no tear off for 2 hours boiling
Peeling strength/ stripping strength
Impact test for paint
No split (20Kg.cm impact)
No split (50Kg.cm impact)
Abrasion resistance (L/Mil)
44 (ASTM D968)
Temperature resistance
Change of gloss only, no paint peel off
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion
2.4mm/m (100℃ temperature difference)
Detergent resistance (3%)
No change (ASTM D2248)
Humidity resistance (3000hrs, 100%RH, 100°F)
No change (ASTM D2247)
Salt spray resistance (3000hrs, 5% salt)
No change (ASTM B117)

 Resistance to staining
No change (600h radiate in 800W/m2 in humidity condition, glossiness deviation less grade2, color difference≤4.0)
No change (4000h radiate in 800W/m2 in humidity condition, glossiness deviation less grade2, color difference≤4.0)


ACP (aluminium composite panel) is a composite material that uses the coating aluminum plate undergoing chemical treatment as surface material and applies polyethylene plastic as core material and that is processed by special aluminium cladding production device. The unique performance of ACP leads to its wide scope of application. The product, as a new building decoration material, can be applied to outer wall of buildings, curtain wallboard, old building transformation, internal wall, ceiling decoration, advertising signboard, display rack, and dust-alleviation engineering. 

The PVDF aluminium composite panel

It is resistant to acid, alkaline and ultraviolet light, is colorfast for over 15 years. It is also highly resistant to dirt and is easy to clean and maintain. The product is mainly applicable to exterior wall decoration and exhibits excellent weather fastness.

The PE polyester aluminium composite panel 

It is characterized by strong paint film, high luster, good adhesion, and resistance to water, abrasion, and corrosion and is mainly applicable to interior decoration.

The art board aluminium composite panel 

It exhibits bright and beautiful color, complex workmanship, graceful outline, and wonderful appearance. The product, serving as both decoration and artwork, diversifies interior decoration and gives prominence to the house owner's luxury and generosity.

The emulation board aluminum composite panel

showing a great variety of figures and colors, is similar to natural texture and seems to carry users to a wonderful nature once again.

The advertising board aluminum composite panel

It is characterized by small size and light weight and can be sprayed with paint. It is mainly applied to the production of large outdoor advertising boards.

                                Dimensional tolerance
Panel thickness
2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, etc
Panel thickness
± 0.05mm
Panel width
1000mm, 1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, 2000mm(maximum)
Panel width
± 2mm
Panel length
1000mm - 6000mm
Panel length
± 3mm
Surface coating
One side coil coated, backside lacquer finish
Panel Diagonal
≤ 3mm
Other surface
Both side coil coated lacquer,  One side anodized, backside lacquer finish
Aluminum sheet thickness
± 0.02mm
Standard size
1220mm*2440mm*3mm for interior
1200mm*2440mm*4mm for exterior
Standard color
30 kinds.Special color available upon request

for exterior wall cladding

for interior decoration

for advertisement & signage


1. in bulk

2. standard export wooden pallet packing

3. standard export wooden box packing


Shandong Golden Sunshine Building Materials Co.Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shandong Jinhu Color Aluminum Group, which is one of the largest manufacturers specializing in color coated aluminum coil, aluminum composite panel (ACP), and stone coated metal roofing tile in China. "JINHU", "ALUSHINE", and "SUNSHINE" is the famous brand in the international market.

In our group, we have 16 production lines of aluminum coils and the annual production capacity is up 150,000 tons. There are 6 production lines of ACP and the capacity is 8,000,000 square meters. The stone coated metal roof is 6 production lines and the capacity is 5,000,000 square meter each year. We can supply customized service and timely delivery time.

It is produced by advanced technology from GERMAN HENKEL and operated by skilled workers. Besides, it's with ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, SGS, SONCAP certifications. The high quality product can be guaranteed.

It's located in Jinhu Industry Zone, Linyi City, Shandong Province, the north of China. Welcome customers to visit us ! 

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