pump control resistive ip65 modbus tcp tft lcd hmi 7 inch panel industrial

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Product Overview


pump control resistive ip65 modbus tcp tft lcd hmi 7 inch panel industrial



HMI Description

F4070C front panel

F4070C thickness

Competitive Plastic 4-Wire pump control resistive ip65 modbus tcp tft lcd hmi 7 inch panel industrial
PanelLED Display 4.3" 16:9 7" 16:9 TFT LCD9.7" 4:3 TFT LCD 
Visual Angel 50′/70′/70′/70′85′/85′/85′/85′
Resolution 480x272800x480 1024x600
Color 24 bit (16777216 color)16 bit (65536 color) 
Brightness360cd/m² 350cd/m² 
Touch Panel 4-wire industrial resistive     
Memory CPU 600MHZ ARM Cortex-A8    
 Storage128M Flash+128M DDR3    
RTC built-in     
PortEthernet N10/100M self-adaptN10/100M self-adapt
SD Card  NsupportNsupport
USB Port 1XUSB slave 2.0; 1xUSB Master 2.0    
Program Download  USB Slave/U Disk  USB Slave/U Disk/Ethernet   USB Slave/U Disk USB Slave/U Disk/Ethernet  
Serial Port  

 COM1: RS232/458/422

COM2: RS232



 COM1/COM3: RS232/RS485/RS422

COM2/COM4: RS485 


 COM1: RS232/458/422

COM2: RS232

 COM1/COM3: RS232/RS485/RS422

COM2/COM4: RS485 

PowerRated Power   <5W   <10W 
Rated Voltage   DC24V, allowed voltage DC9V~28V      DC24V, allowed voltage DC18V~28V  DC24V, allowed voltage DC9V~28V  DC24V, allowed voltage DC18V~28V
Power Supply protection  lightning and surge protection     isolated power supply,  lightning and surge protection lightning and surge protection     isolated power supply,  lightning and surge protection
EnvironmentWorking Temperature   0~50℃     
Storage Temperature   -20~60℃     
Ultravoilet-Proof forbidden to work in strong ultravoilet environment (such as directly sunshine)   
Humidity   10~90%RH ( no condensation)   
Shock Resistence  10~25HZ (X, Y, Z direction 2G/30 minutes)     
Protection Level  IP65 front panel; IP 20 back panel     
Material  engineering plastic

HMI Feature

Task Schdule Function: the schedule can be freely triggered and finished per day/week/time. 

task schedule


Synchronously Monitor: site 7 inch panel industrial can be sychronously remotely controled by mobile and PC that is installed with VNC App. 

4070CE VNC


Various Graphic Formats Supported by Strong CPU: BMP, JPG, PNG, etc. graphics can be directly imported and supported. excellent processing speed gives you acme experience, and meets the demand of large complicated project. 

strong cpu resistive


Isolated Power Supply: effectively protect 7 inch panel industrial's operation performance from surge. 

isolated power supply


Compatible PC OS of FStudio Programming Software: Windows7, Windows10 and WindowsXP three choices. 

 4070CE os


Seven Optional User Interface Language: Chinese, English, Turkish, Korean, Russian, Persia and Spanish seven UI languages for your choices that makes project programming easy and convinient.

UI language

New Coming

Upsilon HMI touch screen

Upsilon transaction 

Programming Software

FStudio, UPSILON pump control resistive ip65 modbus tcp tft lcd hmi 7 inch panel industrial Programming Software,it is totally free for all the users. Download link:https://orisvonti-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/linda_orisvonti_onmicrosoft_com/EgeEHMtpW5BJvSWX4NotjgABagkly38q2gBn6Q4xrj_exA?e=29rBbW.



company and service

As an IIoT solution provider from eddge hardware to cloud platform, around 5,000 square meter workshop consists of four warehouse seperately for raw materials ( top and important electronic components own the special warehouse that is equiped of full-enclosed cabinet with optimal storage environment) and finished products, the full production line of three-proof auto coating machine, mold assembling, finished product assembling (there are automated dispensing machine, auto-screwing machine, various professional production test plants) high-temperature aging, port and function test and finished packing, etc; 30,000~45,000 pieces annual output for each type pump control resistive ip65 modbus tcp tft lcd hmi 7 inch panel industrial , PLC, FBox, IIoT modules for any urgent demand; 


the full product traceability system from feedstock (each material need to pass through QC test, then put into warehouse with generated batch number), production task order (bind batch order to generate product serial number, then each process need to scan code to match the pre-distributed material), scan packing (coding generates for packing), OQC, finished prodcut input to warehouse, and scan code for delivery) .

production process

Factory Vist

factory visit.jpg


1. How about your warranty and sale service? 

All orders are through Alibaba Trade Assurance to guarantee your money and project safe. 3 YEARS warranty, 1% free accessory, 24 hours and 365 days center service for any questions. 


2. Are you able to convert other brand's original project file in yours?  

Yeah, this service is available but with some charges that depends on work amount. 


3. How can i fastly focus on the right 7 inch panel industrial model? 

Kindly please send us your detailed requests, such as communication mode, working environment, used brand model number (if you have). 


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