Relay 12v omron relay 39160-37110 DC12V 50A for HYUNDAI, KIA, SAAB SCANIA

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Relay 12v omron relay 39160-37110 DC12V 50A for HYUNDAI, KIA, SAAB SCANIA is used at AC 50Hz and the voltage can be up to AC380V or DC 220V in automatic control circuit for connecting or breaking the circuit. It’s general purpose and designed with a terminal socket, acts as a protector for circuit or same function as an circuit switch. It can protect the electric equipment from damage. We have various pins specifications and coils voltages specifications which are available for any kind of application on equipment. relay 12v, solid state relay, omron relay, overload relay,wireless relay,gsm relay, relay module


1. Application

Relay 12v omron relay 39160-37110 DC12V 50A for HYUNDAI, KIA, SAAB SCANIA has main functions such as automative simultaneous switching, interrupting, switching on parallel circuits and controlling large currents with small control variables, it controls circuits to realize automatic operation. It is widely applied to all kinds of equipment, such asautomatic industry control, remote control, testing, communication, electromechanical integration, door control and household appliances etc.


2. Features: 

A. 50A switching capability;

B. Working temperature can be highest reach 125℃;

C. Various dustproof and sealed type are available for options;

D. Silver alloy contact: Silver Alloy (AgCdO, AgSnO2In2O3);

E. Can be assembled with TVS(transient voltage suppressor);

F. Can be assembled with transient resistance suppressor;

G. Small volume, compact size, high sensitivity and long service life.


3. Technical Data:


Contact Form1AOperate TimeMax. 10ms
Voltage DropTyp.  20mV at 10A Release TimeMax. 7ms
Max. 30mv at 10A
Max. Continuous Current50A  (23℃)Ambient temp.-40℃~125℃
Max. Switching Current50AVibration Resistance10Hz~500Hz  176m/S2
Min. Contact Load1 A 6VDCShock Resistance294m/S2
Electrical Life1×105OPSTerminalQC, 4pins
Mechanical Life1×107OPS (300ops/min)ConstructionPlastic sealed, dust sealed
Initial Insulation Resistance500MΩ  (500VDC)Unit weightApprox. 38g
Dielectric Strength500VAC   


39160-37110-DC12V (1) .jpg39160-37110-DC12V (3) .jpg95210-2E000-DC12V (1) .jpg95210-2E000-DC12V (4) .jpg95220-2S000-DC12V (2) .jpg95220-2S000-DC12V (4) .jpg  

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1. Working Conditions:

A. Ambient air temperature: -40oC~+125C, the highest monthly mean temperature should not exceed +35oC;

B. Altitude for installing place should not exceed 2000m; 

C. Atmospheric relative humidity: + 40  not more than 50%, the highest humidity is 90%, air relative humidity of 85% or less;

D. Pollution level: level 2;


2. Quality Assurance of Our Relays:

A. The main materials used in our relays are high quality PA66 for injection molding, pure cooper H62 for terminals for spring and compound silver for contact.

B. The die structures are special design, all action positions are high accuracy.

C. A Variety of pins specifications and sockets are available for choosing for various wiring opitions types.

D. High sensitivity, long lifetime, good reliability and stability.

E. 100% Inspection before shipment.


3. Why choose us:

A. We are reliable Alibaba Gold Supplier.

B. We are leading manufacturer in micro switches for more than 10 years’ experience.

C. Rich experience in Global market, export to more than 50 countries.

D. 100% QC inspection before shipment.

E. Keep research and development the latest technology.

F. Reply within 24 hours.

G. After sale service: Professional technical support.

H. Customized design: We can produce according to your request.

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