Automatic Continuous Vaccine machine Efficient vaccine machine Vaccinator for poultry Veterinary continuous vaccinator syringes

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Product Overview



PRODUCT NAME:Automatic Continuous Vaccine machine High-tech vaccine machine Vaccinator for poultry farm Veterinary continuous vaccinator syringes
ADVANTAGESof Automatic Continuous Vaccine machine
-1. The dose can be set according to user needs;
-2. Both aqueous and oily vaccines can be injected;
-3. The specification has single-needle single-liquid and single-needle two-liquid, which can realize simultaneous injection of two vaccines;
-4. It is very convenient to automatically adjust the injection dose and automatically adjust the injection speed.


Poultry farm continuous vaccinator ADVANTAGES:
-1. Fast injection speed
The fastest speed of 5000 chicks / hour.
-2. Counting function
Counting the young birds that have been injected saves time in statistical work and improves work efficiency. When the number of injections reaches 100 (can be set according to your own needs), there will be an audible prompt function.
-3. Injection is very safe
The machine has been rigorously tested to ensure the most reasonable injection depth and angle, improving injection safety.
-4. Simple operation
No training is required and learning is fast.


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Product Name

Veterinary continuous vaccinator


Injection power



Power supply

220 volts AC


Injection dose

0.15ml~0.3ml adjustable dose (can be customized according to demand)


Injection dose accuracy



Contact with pharmaceutical parts materials

Medical rubber, Stainless steel


Suitable for injections

 Chickens, ducklings, goslings within 7 days of age


Applicable vaccine type

Water-based vaccine, oil-based vaccine


The maximum injection speed

 2500--5500 feathers/hour.


Product net weight


Single needle intelligent injection instrument for young birds using manual:


1. Hang the medicine bottle containing the vaccine on the rack rod, so that the medicine bottle is connected to the rear external interface through the hose

2. Connect to 220V AC power supply and set the switch to the first gear


3. Press the injection trigger switch several times until the needle has a stable jet.
4. Press the reset button to reset the displayed number to zero.


5. Place the young bird's face up, close it to the panel, and move it into the injection site. The neck and head are respectively close to the "-"-shaped baffle.
6. Make the poultry body trigger the injection switch to complete the injection.

7. When not in use, set the power switch to “0” position and disconnect the power cord.

Automatic Continuous Vaccine machine Vaccinator for poultry farmpackage includes:
1 main box, 1 power cord, rod 7# 20 needles, 1 50ml syringe, 1 medical hose



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The above is the product introduction and usage scenarios of Automatic Continuous Vaccine machine High-tech vaccine machine Vaccinator for poultry farm Veterinary continuous vaccinator syringes,

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