Eos Ice 755 808 1064 diode laser hair removal machine home use hair removal device

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1. The China unique innovative ergonomic handpiece design, very sleek, compact and light.
2. 755nm, 808nm, 1064nm, 3 wavelengths integrated. Three optional wavelengths proven safest for all skin types, even tanned skin.
3.No invasive, no repair period, painless.
4. Short treatment time, maximal treatment comfort and optimal results.
5. The frequency could up to 20Hz, 10.4 inch luxurious screen.
6. The energy up to 400W, American imported the military laser bars laser bars inside.
7. Japan imported semi-conductor, painless treatment, ensure the machine 24 hours of continuous work 7 days.
8. Intuitive software with preset parameters and professional mode.
9. Skin type (I-VI) & hair color and texture adjustable.



For fast, safe, painless and permanent hair removal on all 6 skin types, including dark skin. Suitable for any unwanted hairs on areas like face, arms, armpits, chest, back, bikini, legs.
 1). Widely used for any color hair
 2). Widely used for any skin type
 3). Removal area:Lip hair, beard, chest hair, armpit hair, back hair, arm hair, leg hair, unwanted hair outside the bikini line.






PZLASER diode Laser hair removal machine is the process of removing unwanted hair by means of exposure to pulses of laser light 808nm that destroys the hair follicle. The lasers damage the chromospheres by selectively heating them while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. When treating unwanted hair, for example, the melanin in the hair follicles is targeted and damaged which results in the disruption of hair growth and regeneration. The diode laser is complemented by cooling technology and pain reducing methods which improve treatment efficacy and patient comfort.





The light guide Crystal


Laser cooling temperature

0 - 5 ℃

Power supply

AC230V,50Hz, AC110V, 60Hz

Working Temperature


Storage temperature


Relative humidity



1) Who can benefit from laser hair removal? Is it suitable for men, too?

This laser procedure may be used for both men and women. Any skin type may be treated including those with Asian and African American skin. The hair to be lasered must be pigmented.
Laser hair removal is an ideal solution for men with excessive hair on their back, chest, and legs. Facial hair removal with the PZ Laser Eos Ice Diode Laser is helpful for men who suffer from ingrown hairs and razor burn.

2) What areas can be treated?
Laser hair removal can be performed anywhere on the body.
Women commonly have hair removed from the upper lip, cheeks, neck, under arms, forearms, bikini line, legs, and abdomen. Men have hair removed from the face, neck, shoulders, upper arms, hands, chest, abdomen, back, buttocks, legs, and feet.

3) What results can I expect? Is it permanent?
The PZ Laser Eos Ice Diode Laser causes permanent hair reduction and delayed regrowth of the treated hair follicles. In a long-term clinical study of 92 patients, all had temporary hair loss and 89% had long-term hair loss. Also, regrowing hairs were shown to be thinner and lighter than previously.

4) How long does it take?
All hair goes through three growth phases: active growth (anagen), regression (catagen), and resting (telogen.) The laser targets anagen hairs due to their abundance of pigment (melanin.)Because, at any one time, different hairs are in different growth phases, four to six treatments are typically required for best results.

The length of each laser treatment may be anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more, depending on the size of the area being treated. A few days after a treatment, the hair in the treated area may appear to be re-growing. However, within 5 to 20 days after treatment, this dead hair falls out.

Company Information

We have set up a set of efficient and reliable system for aesthetic and med supply, specially cellulite reduction and body shaping solution, we provide competitive and innovative quality product as well as high standard certification, such as TUV Med CE which is unique company achieved on Slimming Area In China. We are investing more on future home-use slimming and skin tightening machine for everybody.

We give 24/7 after sales service to ensure our customer a comfortable operating sensation. And recently set our oversea after-sales service centre in US and Puerto Rico.
Zhengzhou PZ laser slim technology Co., Ltd owns the unique PZ LASER, PZ SLIMMING and PZ AURORA Brand name, our clients are all over the world and we aim to service more distributors in the slimming and beauty market in future.


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