5000 liters water tank and 5000 liters suction tank high pressure water truck road sweeper

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Hi, This is Larry from Chengli Special Automobile Co.,Ltd. 
We are manufacturer of all kinds of special trucks and pressure vessel(lpg tanks) since the year 2004. 
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5000 liters water tank and 5000 liters suction tank high pressure water truck road sweeper







Dongfeng road sweeper

Overall dimensions



Water tank volume




Dust tank volume






Curb weight


Wheel base





F/R track base


F/R suspension


Max speed



Axle Load



Tire specification


Number of axles


Cab passenger


Electric System


High pressure clean performance




Cleaning spray rack width



Sweeping speed



Rated of pressure washing water



Clean water rated flow




High-pressure cleaning vehicles can also be equipped with sprinklers, green sprinklers, front and rear sprinklers, side sprays, green sprinklers, sprays, dust, high-pressure flushing, etc., which can be used for fire fighting in case of emergency.

Synchronous gravel seal is to use a special equipment, namely synchronous gravel sealer, to spread the gravel and bonding materials (modified asphalt or modified emulsified asphalt) on the road surface, and form a single layer of asphalt through natural driving. The gravel wear layer, which is mainly used as a pavement surface layer, and can also be used for low-grade road surface layers. The biggest advantage of the synchronous gravel sealing technology is that the bonding material and the stone material are simultaneously laid, and the high-temperature bonding material sprayed on the road surface can be combined with the gravel immediately without cooling, thereby ensuring the bonding material and the stone material. A strong bond between the two.
Synchronous gravel seal has good anti-sliding performance and anti-seepage performance, can effectively cure road poor oil, falling particles, slight cracks, rutting, subsidence and other diseases, mainly used for preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance of roads. As well as improving the anti-slip performance of high-grade roads, this new maintenance technology can be used on both expressways and ordinary roads. More than 95% of roads in France and Europe use synchronous gravel seals for pavement maintenance. In addition, the synchronous gravel seal can also be used as a low-grade road surface layer. In France, more than 40% of the roads directly use the gravel seal as the road surface, and the current use effect is good. Therefore, in the case of insufficient funds for road construction, the use of low-cost synchronous gravel seals as low-grade road pavement is undoubtedly an effective measure to improve the road pavement rate.


1, manual/automatic control enhanced additionally and width, each nozzle can be individually controlled, determinant nozzle free combination, so as to realize arbitrary adjust the width of spray. In the cab for distributing control or the rear of the platform.

2, the automatic control system can measure the speed of the car and according to the input amount of spill cloth and spraying width and asphalt type, automatic calculation of asphalt pump revolution to adjust the asphalt pump pump automatically by the system.
3, vehicular rapid heating system (10-15 ℃ / h), can improve the heating efficiency and reduce the auxiliary time of construction, ensure that makes temperature;
4, blunt the nozzle of the system residual asphalt by diesel with high pressure air nozzle can be blown out, prevent asphalt to freeze in the nozzle, improve the service life of the nozzle.

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Road Sweeper Various Capacity



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1.You are factory or trading Company?
Yes, we are oversea sales department of Chengli automobile. And you are always welcomed to visit our factory.

2.Could your company modify the standard product depends on my request? 
Yes. Our company is specialized in researching and designing various of special purpose vehicle and spare parts. We can provide any product according to your demand.

3. Could your company totally customize products for me?
We can provide the customized-designing product meeting with any of your demand.

4. Could you provide certification that we need?
We can provide various certifications associate with trailer and truck. Such as DOT, ADR, SASO and so on.


5. How long could we receive our goods?

 It depends on the product that you have ordered. If the goods are prepared, we will deliver your goods as soon as possible.

6. How about the after-sale service?
We can provide you the technical support to guide you repaire your product. And we will also send original spare parts free of charge by air. If you have special need, we can let our engineer to help you in person

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