off grid solar air conditioner with battery 9000btu;48v 18000btu air conditioner

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off grid solar air conditioner with battery 9000btu;48v 18000btu air conditioner

hybrid solar air conditioner price AC split wall 24000 btu air conditioner




System Advantages:

1.AC/DC dual power supply

2.Hight energy efficiency:maximum up to SEER 36;Even if there is no sunshine up to SEER 21

3.Convenient and quick installation,no longer require solar controller,battery and inverter

4.Using solar power priority ,solar power utilization rate more than 95%

5.Solar power/grid power supply interraction ,achieve uninterrupted power supply

6.Wide voltage design ,free combination of solar panels,not limited by installation place 

7.Compliant to all climate conditon








what is the solar hybrid air conditionr system 



Dual power AC/DC hybrid solar air conditioning,the power from solar panel priority supply direct to indoor& outdoor fan motor and compressor , when the solar power is not suficient, by equipped with dual PV MPPT tracking  system , the system automatically switch to run by grid power , thus achieved the AC/DC power supply interaction , and un-interrupted supply power to air conditioner ,ensure the system high efficiency up to SEER36


 SOLAR hybrid air conditioner how to work ?












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Why SUNCHEES solar hybrid air conditioner can save electricity?

Ours solar hybrid air conditioner cooling working principle: 
1.Vapor come from the compressor, go through the condenser ,first time change the vapor into liquid, then flow into ECO , second time sub cooling the refrigerant liquid , so two times cooling greatly improves the condenser function to sure the cooling capacity increase highly. 
2. Liquid after flow the indoor unit change into Vapor, then go through ours highly efficient super blue pipe / flat solar thermal collector to sure all vapor totally evaporated. It increases the evaporator capacity. Twice super heating. 
SUNCHEES hybrid air conditioner with double efficacy parts (ECO-sub cooling & Thermal collector –super heat) to sure that using less power consumption can get the same cooling function as common air conditioner.

When heating working principle:
Vapor from compressor into indoor unit, and derectly go through capillary & condenser (no flow ECO when heating), then go into the super blue pipe / flat solar thermal collector to super heat , increase the heating capacity .

SUNCHEES solar air conditioner advantage:

1.ECO (sub cooling) and solar thermal collector (super heat) combination perfectly, whole product energy saving around 30% in cooling, max 50% in heating. 
2.With solar thermal collector pre-heating system inner refrigerant, can sure running at ambience temperature: -10oCto 53oC (T3 compressor).
3.Use of world advanced technology to avoid the common air conditioner problem: refrigerant not completely evaporate cause whole system running ineffective.
4.Easy installation & maintenance, same as the common air conditioner. 
5.Running high efficiently, comfortable & safe, more energy-saving & money saving. 
6.R410?refrigerant?guarantee?fluoride-free emission,?solar?energy?ensure?a?freely?and?renewable.
7.Durable and long-lived, smooth running, Low-loaded operation of the compressor to extend its duration.
8.Healthy and comfortable, constant temperature to keep air conditioner disease away.


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off grid solar air conditioner with battery 9000btu;48v 18000btu air conditioner

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