Hot sale low calories foods bulk ramen noodles chinese instant noodles

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  Item description Hot sale low calories foods bulk ramen noodles chinese instant noodles
  Type   Traditional Instant Rice Vermicelli
  Brand name    Guilin Mifen
  Shelf time    180 days
  Net Weight    275g per package

   Home made brine, special oil, marianted beef, pickled cowpea, chopped chilli, riifried soybean, chopped green onion

  Brewing time    6-8 minutes
  Package    Single bag package
  Storage    Storage at normal temperature
  Certificate    HACCP, ISO, FDA
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Company Information

Company Information

Guilin Rice Noodle Holding Co., located in the Guilin National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, which is a landscape of the world. It was established in 2014 with a registered capital of 30 million. The company is committed to the deep processing of rice and the value of the rice industry chain. It is mainly engaged in the production of zero-added, preservative-free rice noodles. It is an innovative production enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales.


Guilin Rice Noodle Holding Co., Ltd. focuses on the development of instant food Guilin rice noodle products. The project research and development funds have invested nearly 100 million yuan to overcome the technical problems of “pure rice fresh wet rice flour preservation”, “traditional workshop scale” and “traditional secret recipe standardization”, using innovative technologies. Establish a new standard for the preservation of pure rice noodles. The company's "pure rice fresh wet rice noodles" does not add starch, does not add preservatives, preserves at room temperature, and has a shelf life of up to 180 days. The instant rice noodles series products realize instant opening, instant soaking and instant eating, creating a fresh rice fresh rice preservation era. , set a benchmark for high-quality Guilin rice noodles.


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Rice Noodle Crafts

Guilin is a famous scenic city in the world and an important international tourist city for China to open to the outside world.

Guilin rice noodles are also the symbol of Guilin food. It is the heritage of our ancestor culture in Guilin and the symbol of our tourism culture in Guilin.


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cooking method

How to make the delicious Guilin rice noodles?

Boiling method
1. [Boiled water into the pot] tear open the package and place the rice flour in the boiling water pot
2. [hot in the pot] soften the rice flour in boiling water (mix the rice noodles before the pan)
3. [Draining water] remove the rice flour from the pot and drain the water.
4. [Stirring seasoning] Add seasoning, stir well and eat.

Bubble method
1. [Rolling hot water] tear open the bag, put the rice flour in the bowl, inject boiling water
2. [Cover immersion] cover the bowl, soaking time and frequency control soft and hard
3. [Draining water] After the rice flour is dispersed, the water in the bowl is drained.
4. [Stirring seasoning] Add seasoning, stir well and eat.

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