indoor floor warming in-screed heating mat

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Product Overview


underfloor heating mat

underfloor heating cable

in screed heating mat

undertile heating mat

under wooden heating mat

snow melting heating mat for driveway, tank

for house floor warming system used in bath room,bedroom|underfloor heating cable for floor warming system.

|constant wattage and self-regulating heating cable with plug for roof top,gutter

|driveway ,road surface de-icing and snow-melting systems.

|self-regulating heating cable |underground constant wattage heating cable  |heating trace cable for pipe

|underfloor heating mat |aluminium foil  heating mat




Products description


heating mat info :


we can also provide :

1. FEP/XLPE for insulation , FEP/NYLON/PVC for out jacket.

2. standed cable or singe solid cable for conductor or earthlead

3. aluminum foil or braid for shield

4. parallel conductors or twisted conductors

5. cable fixed by tape or fixed by sewn thread



Product Description  : 
Electric heating system room heating under floor


T-mat room heating under floor mat uses a twin conductor heating cable for easy of installation and very low EMF. The mat thickness of only 4.0 mm enables underfloor heating installations into most quality two-part adhesive with a minimum increase in floor height.



♦ T-mat room heating under floor mat is designed for installation into thin adhesives, leveling compounds or thin screed beds beneath tiled and wooden floor finish.
♦ 150 w/SQM heating mats are suitable as a primary heating source providing you have adequate insulation. These are our most commonly used mats for kitchens, dining rooms, large bathrooms and most other areas with tiled floors.
♦ 200 w/SQM heating mats are generally used in areas where high heat loss is a problem, such as conservatories. These mats are only suitable under tiled floors, giving a 25% faster warm up time.
♦ Renovated and thin floors
♦ Under tile
♦ Under timber


MOQ: 20 PCS    OEM and ODM available


1. Cables cannot be cut!
2. Cutting and Turning the mat!
3. All electric connections must be performed by a fully qualified and certified electrician!






Constant wattage heating cable mat








100/150W PER SQM





150/200W PER SQM





80/150W PER SQM





150/200W PER SQM






 Product Data:

aluminum foil heating mat for wooden floor ,carpet 

foil heating mat.jpg

F-MAT  details - .jpg

single conductor heating mat with two coldleads

underfloor heating mat


S-MAT  details - .jpg

two  conductor heating mat 

heating mat (35)

T-MAT  details - .jpg


 UT MAT.jpg

Product Advantages
All mat choose the top quality raw material to process and produce, environmental protection and saving energy, for example the high quality fluoropolymer insulation, high-intensive outer jacket, export the cable heating conductor terminals, for the heating cable and cold lead coupling/connection, we can provide two kind of manufacturing processes, one is use heat shrinkable tube, the other one is machine injection mold.



Company Information
 Company profile :
   Anhui Huanrui Heating Manufacturing Co., ltd. is a consolidated factory with the R&D, production, marketing and services in self-regulating heating cable and constant wattage heating cable, as well as one expert producer and an enterprise of National high-tech award. Huanrui located in Hefei city with registered capital of RMB 50.8 million and with factory covered area 26640sqm and project investment of RMB 80 million. Annual output volume is 50 million meters of different kinds of heating cable. R&D team is leaded by Professors from University of Science and Technology of China major in State key scientific and technological breakthrough plan, established for more than 10 years devoting to becoming the high-class heating cable supplier. Company invested RMB 120 million in 2014-2015, factory covering area 16500sqm.
* Total 38000sqm of production base, dozens of automatic production lines, annual output 50 million meters of heating cable.
* China patented technique of 3-layer extrusion, patent NO., ZL 2010 2 0236973.2;
* Bring in foreign production and test equipment, scientific quality management system to ensure quality.
* Owning more than 50 patents and more than 100 state certificates of honor.
company profile.png








we now have otained the following certifications :


for self regulating heating cable :CE , UL . ATEX . IEC-EX .EAC


for constant wattage heating cables : CE. CSA .EAC.









heating cable (415)







pre-assemabled self-regulating or constant wattage heating cable kit  (with thermostat) with Euro plug.

heating cable kit


constant watt heating cable with plug and thermostat in the rear


heating cable kit 1


please contact us for full catalogue : 



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