hot sale self adhesive PDLC electrochromic switchable smart glass film

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Product Overview


Switchable smart pdlc film for sale




Product Description

Switchable Film

Adjustable optical thin film is a kind of wisdom film, the film laminating directly on the glass, repass voltage makes the light penetration and fog film, realized the glass penetration and the double requirements of privacy, even if is not transparent, daylighting is very good, this is the curtain of all cannot achieve, insulation reflection effects of heat and light, make indoor warm in winter and cool in summer, environmental protection and energy saving.The product utilizes the optical properties of liquid crystal to realize the photoelectric function of thin film.At present, this product is widely used in Europe, America and Japan.Hollywood actress, director, business men, multinationals light glass decorative noble building and amusement park to run out of film do magic, car use it as a skylight, villa, Banks, insurance companies, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, store, showroom for cultural relics and museums, churches, command center, etc. Use it as a partition, door, window, ceiling, the store also can use it as a transparent back projection screen to attract customers.

Dimming film is a new type of electronic light control product. The electrically controlled intelligent dimming film device is a mixture of liquid crystal/polymer material injected between two transparent conductive films. Under the circumstance of no electric field action, the electrically controlled intelligent control film is in an opaque state.Electrification generates an electromagnetic field, which makes the intermediate polymers orderly and transparent.

The intelligent control film is in an opaque state;When an alternating current is applied, the liquid crystal molecules are arranged in an orderly manner. At this time, the electromodulating film changes from an opaque (OFF) state to a transparent (ON) state.Through the action of electric field, it can realize the fast conversion from open state to off state, from off state to open state

Technique Data

1) In the power off condition (off state) appears milky white, power (on state) for colorless transparent

2) The light transmittance in the open state shall not be less than 75%, and the light transmittance in the closed state shall not be more than 2%

3) The viewing Angle is not less than 140 degrees

4) Working voltage: 18-75v (AC 50/60 Hz)

5) Response time: OFF → ON is less than 5ms, ON → OFF is less than 50ms

6) Power consumption: 5 w/m2

7) Size: standard size is 2600mm*900mm, other sizes can be customized according to customer requirements

8) The operating temperature is -20°c -60°c

9) Life time is more than 10 years


Environment ParameterModeParamter
Optical ParameterVisible TransmittancePower ON>78%
Power OFF>55%
Parallel TransmittancePower ON>66%
Power OFF<1.5%
HazePower ON<5%
Power OFF>90%
Visual AnglePower ON>150º
Electrical ParameterWorking VoltagePower ON48V AC
Saturation VoltagePower ON<20V
Response TimePower OFF - Power ON<200ms
Power ON - Power OFF<10ms
PowerPower ON<5W/M2
Physics ParameterThickness0.65 (MM)

Max Size


<1.5X3.2 (M)

Roll Size


0.93/1.2/1.5M(W) x 20/30/50M(L)

Adhesive Force


Environment Parameter

Working Temperature


-10 ºC -65 ºC

Storage Temperature


-20 ºC -80 ºC


Life Times


POWER ON > 10 Years


Switch Times

Smart Film.jpg
Switchable Self-adhensive Film (SSF)
SSF can be pasted to the glass directly, it aslo gets transparent when power on and frosted when
power off. SSF combine with protection film, ITO and AB glue. Exsiting glass will be changed to 
smart glass pasting SSF on it.
It meets the dual requirements of glass penetration and privacy. Even without electricity, glass in the
frosted state, lighting is still very good, which is all the curtains can't be achieved.

SSF Installation Steps:
Installation Process.jpg
Installation Tools
Installation Tools
Glass Type


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