Ju zhu Chinese wholesale tree seeds Big Bamboo seeds for planting

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Ju zhu Chinese wholesale tree seeds Big Bamboo seeds for planting


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Big Bamboo seeds for planting


Chinese Name

 Ju zhu zhong zi

English Name

 Giant bamboo seeds




 for plant




 In a clean,cool,dry area;

 Keep away from strong,direct light.

Main Origin



Big Bamboo seeds for planting 



Moso bamboo, a uniaxially dispersed evergreen arbor-like bamboo plant, has a pole height of more than 20 meters, a diameter of more than 20 centimeters, a hairless old pole, which gradually turns green to yellow; a wall thickness of about 1 centimeter; a pole ring is not obvious, with 2-4 leaves of the last branchlets; leaf ears are not obvious, leaf tongues are bulging; leaves are smaller, lanceolate, and the lower surface is pubescent along the base of the middle vein, spikelets are spikelike, leafless ears are only 1. Flowers small; filaments 4 cm long, stigma feathery. Caryopsis long elliptic, apex with persistent style base. In April shoot stage, May-August blossom.

Moso bamboo is one of the most important bamboo species in China, which has been cultivated for a long time and has the widest area. Its pole is thick and suitable for construction, such as beams and columns, scaffolds, scaffolding, etc. It has excellent properties. It can be used for knitting various kinds of thick and thin appliances and crafts, broomsticks for branches, tender bamboo and pole sheaths as paper-making raw materials. The bamboo shoots are delicious, fresh or processed into Magnolia slices, dried bamboo shoots, bamboo shoot clothes and so on. Phyllostachys edulis, evergreen in all seasons, beautiful and upright, withered by frost, elegant and popular appreciation.


How to Grow Bamboo from Seed:


Most species of bamboo only produce seed about once in a long human lifetime. And most species produce seed all over the world within the span of a few years. Therefore, you may only have one or two opportunities to plant any particular species of bamboo and it will be worth going a little overboard trying to get it right. If you get a chance, here are steps to get the most out of any bamboo seeds you acquire. 

1.Soak your seeds in about 85° F (30° C) water for 24 hours. Make sure it doesn’t get too hot, as temperatures over 105° F (40° C) can kill your seeds. Cooler temperatures however, will not hurt the seeds, but may delay germination by a few days.

2.Use a skewer or chopstick to open and rough up the top part of the peat pellets. 

3.Put only one seed in the middle of each pellet. Because bamboo seeds are rare and expensive, you don't want to risk having two sprout in the same pellet and have to lose one of them. 

4.Add a small amount of “seedling mix" type potting soil over the top of your seeds. 1/8 to ¼ inch (2 to 5 mm) is enough. 

5.Put the mini greenhouse in a location where it will get medium shade. An east-facing window is good if the weather outside is cold, or a moderately shady area outside if the weather is good. NOTE: Wherever you put it, it should not get too much direct sun. Even a mini greenhouse can quickly get up to seed killing temperatures in hot direct sun.

6.Check on the greenhouse daily, as the peat pellets can dry out quickly once the water from main soak evaporates. Before the seeds sprout, they can survive getting too dry once or so. But as soon as they sprout, they can die in a matter of hours if they dry out. If the peat pellets start getting too dry, use a spray bottle to dampen them again. You may need as much as a whole squirt per pellet to dampen to the interior of the pellet.

7.you may see a sprout within 10 days from planting, though the bulk of germination will occur after at least 15 or 20 days. Different species have different germination rates, so don’t get disappointed too soon.

8. If any of the sprouts get tall enough to touch the plastic dome lid while others are still getting started, prop the lid up as necessary to prevent the leaves from touching it…

Any leaves resting against the lid will quickly rot and risk killing the seedling.


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Big Bamboo seeds for planting



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Big Bamboo seeds for plantingBig Bamboo seeds for planting


Big Bamboo seeds for planting

 Big Bamboo seeds for planting

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Big Bamboo seeds for planting 


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