P40 Hot Sell Hydraulic Control Valve standby valve for trailed share plough and mini tractor

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P40 Hot Sell Hydraulic Control Valve standby valve for trailed share plough and mini tractor


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Model No.:  2P40 with Joystick & Cable




P40 directional control valve have the features of below:
1, high pressure,
2, compact construct,
3, stable over load valve
4, performance and high universality.
5, Auxiliary valve:over load valve, anti-cavitation valve, combined valves, etc.
6, Spool function:A, O, Y, P, etc.
7, Control type:manual, joystick, cable, pneumatic, electro-hydraulic, electro-pneumatic, etc.
8, Circuit type:parallel,series-parallel
9, Carry-over port as hydraulic source for other parts
10, Structure:Monoblock, sectional


P directional control valve is designed for high pressure hydraulic system such as drilling machine, sanitation, etc.
P40 directional valve
*Spool function:A, O, Y, P, etc.
*Control type:manual, pneumatic, electro-hydraulic, electrol, pneumatic, dual control, etc.
*Circuit type:parallel
*C port (carry-over) as hydraulic source for otherparts



P XX / X - X X X - X X X X - X X X X ... -X - X X
(1) Flow: 40, 45, 60, 100, 140, 200
(2) Number of spools: 1-12
(3) Inlet section type: see table (1)
(4) Relief valve set pressure: 150-315 bar
(5) Inlet port size: see table (2)
(6) Spool type: see table (3)
(7) Spool handle side arrangement: see table (4)
(8) Spool cap side arrangement: see table (5)
(9) Working section arrangement: see table (6)
(10) Work port size: see table (2)
(11) Outlet section type: see table (7)
(12) Outlet port size: see table (2)
 table 1.jpg
table 2.jpg
table 3.jpg
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We have more distributor hydraulics (Directional control valve) for you, we produce, manufacture, export, provide you with high quality, low price products, our products are very competitive, no matter what control method (Control type: manual, joystick, cable, pneumatic, solenoid, electro-pneumatic, electro-hydraulic, etc.) you need, any flow (40 liters - 140 liters available), any size (1 spool to 12 spool available), Please contact us for the best offer.



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