1500W 30A High current DC-DC constant voltage constant current booster power module electric vehicle booster

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1500W 30A High current DC-DC constant voltage constant current booster power module electric vehicle booster

Module parameters:

Module model: sz-bt07cccv-d1

Module name: 1500W constant-current booster module

Module nature: unisolated BOOST module

Input voltage: dc10-60v

Input current: 10-30v input voltage, maximum current 30A 31-60v input voltage, maximum current 25A

Static working current: 15mA(when 12V rises by 20V, the higher the output voltage, the more static current will increase)

Output voltage: 12-90v continuously adjustable (default output is adjusted to 19V for shipment, please specify if other voltage values are needed.Multimeter buyers can adjust their own devices.)

Fixed output of 12-90v (for bulk customers)

Output current: 20A MAX exceeds 15A, please strengthen heat dissipation (related to input and output voltage difference, the larger the voltage difference, the smaller the output current)

Constant current range: 0.8-20a (+/ -0.3a)

Input anti-reflection connection: yes (150A power MOS anti-reflection)

Low battery protection: self-recovery (8-50v adjustable)

Operating temperature: -40~+85 ℃ (strengthen heat dissipation if the ambient temperature is too high)

Operating frequency: 150KHzConversion efficiency: 92%-97% (the efficiency is related to input voltage, output voltage, current and voltage difference, with small pressure difference and high efficiency)

Input overcurrent protection: yes (input more than 35A, automatic protection, power supply does not boost)

Short circuit protection: double short circuit protection (input 30A fuse), safer to use.

Input reverse connection protection: have (150A power MOS tube anti-reverse.

Can be backconnected for a long time)

Installation: 4 3mm copper columns

Wiring mode: terminal (please use high-current pure copper wire)

Module size: 130mm long, 52mm wide and 84mm high (high with copper column and fan), 130mm long, 52mm wide and 67mm high (high without copper column and fan)

Module single weight: 490 grams.

Output power: = input voltage *30A, such as: input 12V*30A=360WInput voltage *30A such as: input 24V*30A=720W, that is: input 24V maximum power is 720W

Power description:

Since the maximum input current of this power supply is 30A at 10-30v and 25A at 31-60v, the output power is related to the input voltage.The higher the input voltage, the greater the power,For example, input 12V*30A power is 360W. Input 24V*30A power is 720W. When input voltage is 36V, the maximum input current is 25A and the maximum power of the power supply is 900W.

Main advantages:

1. The power supply adopts 4 1.2mm pure copper wires of double iron, silicon and aluminum.100V/210A low resistance power MOS, high power current input, suitable for high power LED, motor

2, the input MOS anti-reverse connection protection, do not worry about the input connection will burn out the power supply

3. Low battery protection will not damage the power module and battery when the battery is input.

4. Thickened radiator and intelligent temperature control fan to dissipate heat.


1, DIY a voltage regulator power supply, input 12V, output can be adjustable 12-90v.

2, for your electric bicycle charge, (1: such as the hand has a 12V or 24 idle battery, can be through the boost voltage power boost to the original battery charge, equivalent to an electric car charge treasure.2: at the same time input can also connect solar cells, wind power, generators and other power boost to the battery charge to increase the electric vehicle's endurance capacity).

3. At the same time, the battery voltage can be raised to make the electric car run faster.Do not build over 10V.

4, as the power supply for your laptop, PDA or various digital products.

5, DIY a high-power notebook mobile power supply: with a large capacity of 12V lithium battery pack, let you go where you can light up.

6, solar panels boost and stabilize pressure.











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