offiline online YM LM501 DMX SPI Master controller RGB pixel Ethernet led controller

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Product Overview


offiline online YM LM501 DMX SPI Master controller RGB pixel Ethernet led controller

Product Description


1) Ethernet connection LED controller,

2) Control mode: on-line control / off control,
3) One output port can control 512 pixels,
4) 4 output ports,
5) a cascade control port,

6) Playback speed: the maximum speed of not less than 25 frames / sec,
7) Power supply: AC110- 220V ± 10V 50Hz,
8) EMC design, with good anti-jamming capability,

9) control IC chips,  single line : TM1804,TM1829, UCS1903, TLS3001, TLS3008, ws2811,

two lines : DMX512, P9813, LPD6803, LPD8806, SM16716, WS2801, MBI6021, MBI6024, MY9221

SJ-SVE4x512 (4)SJ-SVE4x512 (1)SJ-SVE4x512 (3)


Sub-controller SVE4 of LM501

SJ-SVE4x512 (3)SJ-SVE4x512 (1)

2, Connections 



3, System Configuration 

Minimum system configuration:
CPU: XM 266 Pentium; Memory: 64M; Space: 700M hard disk space .
Sound Card: Directx Sound compatible .
Graphics: Direct3D compatible (16Mb or more) .
Recommended configuration:
CPU: Pentium 400; Memory: 128Mb; Space: 700M hard disk space.
Sound Card: Directx Sound compatible.
Graphics: Direct3D compatible (32Mb or more).


4, Settings
4.1 Playback Speed Settings
Press FUN to enter playback speed setting menu;
Press CFM to enter edit mode;
Press up/down button to adjust the speed;
Press CFM to confirm the speed
Press FUN to return to the main interface .

4.2 Brightness adjustment
Press FUN →up button to enter the brightness setting menu;
Press CFM to enter the edit mode;
Press up/down button to adjust the brightness;
Press CFM to confirm;
Press FUN to return the main interface.

4.3 Clock Adjustment
Press FUN →up→up button to enter clock adjustment menu;
Press CFM to enter edit mode;
Press up / down button to adjust the clock;
Press CFM to confirm
Press FUN to return to the main interface.


4.4 IP Address 

IP addresses are consisted by 4 decimal digits (IP1.IP2.IP3.IP4), such as

IP address is one of important parameters of the controller, it will be shown on the main interface after power-on;
Press FUN →up→up→up to enter IP address setting menu,the current IP address is shown in the screen
Press CFM to enter IP address1 edit mode;
Press up/down to adjust IP address1;
Press CFM to confirm IP address1, then enter IP address2 edit mode.
Press up/down to adjust IP address2;
Press CFM to confirm IP address2, then enter IP address3 edit mode.
Press up/down to adjust IP address3;
Press CFM to confirm IP address3, then enter IP address4 edit mode.
Press up/down to adjust IP address4;
Press CFM to confirm IP address4,four IP addresses are shown in the screen;
Press FUN to return to the main interface.


4.5 MAC address
MAC address is consisted by six hexadecimal digits (MAC1-MAC2-MAC3-MAC4-MAC5-MAC6), such as :00-e0-b1-08-07-f3
Press FUN →up→up→up button to enter MAC address settin g, the current MAC address is shown on the screen;
Press CFM to enter MAC1 address edit mode;
Press up/down to modify MAC1 address;
Press CFM to confirm MAC1 address,then enter MAC2 address edit mode;
Press up/down to modify MAC2 address;
Press CFM to confirm MAC2 address,then enter MAC3 address edit mode;
Press up/down to modify MAC3 address;
Press CFM to confirm MAC3 address,then enter MAC4 address edit mode;


Press up/down to modify MAC4 address;
Press CFM to confirm MAC4 address,then enter MAC5 address edit mode;
Press up/down to modify MAC5 address;
Press CFM to confirm MAC5 address,then enter MAC6 address edit mode;
Press FUN to return to the main interface.

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Packaging & Shipping




Carton Size: 46.5cmx26cmx46cm


Shipment :

1.Goods will be delivered within 3-5 working days after the payment received;

2.We ship item via Door to Door service express or air and sea.


Our Services


1.Reply you in 24 hours .

2.Experienced staffs answer all your questions in fluent English 

3.Customized design is available. OEM&ODM are welcomed .

4. Exclusive and unique solution can be provided to our customer by our well trained and professional engineer.

5.Special discount and protection of sales area  provided to our distributor 



1.All products we sell are in good quality and have been tested before they are shipped out

2.We offer 2 years Warranty




Company Information

ShenZhen Shiji Lighting Co.,Ltd, focus on pixel and dmx led lighting solutions, is started from 2010, with so many years experice, we have clients from all the world especially Europe and America. We can also do customized products.

Our product range is as follows :

1.5050&3528 LED module Backlight for Channel Letters &signage

2.RGB LED pixel light &LED string light 

3.LED flexible strips & LED rigid bar for Decorative Lighting 

4. LED point light 

Clients are welcome to buy our standard products ,or send us OEM requests.


 1) What are the best selling products in Shiji Lighting?
- LED Strip Light: Mainly SMD5050,SMD2835 and SMD3528
- LED Rigid Bar
- LED Tube Light


2) What kind of products will Shiji Lighting develop for the next year?
Shiji Lighting is devoted to innovation in lastest LED technology. We never stop researching new LED lights since the establishment. We keep the valued customers posted of newsletters on the development every week.


3) What is the main market for Shiji Lighting?
We are selling more to EU market because the markets have high quality standard for LED products. The rate stands our turnover up to 50-60%. But other new markets are increasing demand of the new LED technology. We are also optimistic about the markets for American market and Asian regions.


4) What LEDs do you usually use for your LED products?
For high level products, we use Epistar LED Chip; and middle level types, we mainly use San’an LED strip to find best balance between quality and cost. Other brands of LEDs are allowed according to customer’s requirement.


5) What is Shiji Lighting lead time?
Usually delivery time will be in 12-15days. But it will take a little longer if with heavy burden of production task. And more time will be taken with customized products.


6) Can Shiji Lighting offer OEM product?
Yes, OEM products are allowed. We have an excellent design/engineering team to offer support and we have several years experience in OEM. The strips can have different size, layout, customer logos and labels. We will strictly follow the principal that we won’t disclose or sell customer unique designs or jointly developed products to another third party.


7) Do you have warranty for products?
Yes, we have 2/3/5 years warranty for different kinds of products. During the warranty period, if customers have the approval showing product quality issues and if certified by Shiji Lighting engineers, we would request customers to ship back the failure parts and replace new items with the transportation charged being paid by us.


8) Does Shiji Lighting design its products?
Yes, Shiji Lighting designs and assembles all the products we are selling. Our engineers have abundant knowledge of optics, electronics, mechanical and thermal management, as well as light control technology. Some of them have successful experience to design lighting products for world famous brands. Our basic principle to design internal driver and circuit is safety under EMC list possibility and reliability.

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