Product Overview


CNC plastic accordion protective bellow cover armor shield

Product Description

Made of tri-proof nylon cloth,stainless steel support plate;

Protect the machine from dust, oil.  

made from nylon;weaving plastic;synthetics rubber.

max temperature can be to 400C ,operation rate: 100m/min 

flat accordion shield,round barrel shield ,hexahedron shield ,octahedron shield and so on are available

 (2) (4) 


Rolling curtain shield

combinated with case ,spring shaft,and fabric cloth

noise free,reasonable frame

used in small space,long travel range and quick operating machine and equipment



Shield curtaing and dustproof cloth

made from top grade polyester textile  ,PVC coated on both sides,on the surface ,there are steel bar or aluminum bar

used in arrow ,quantity of scraps  guideway(vertical ,or plane moving)


Extension type round guide shields

can protect silk lever,axis ,mer stick and so on from dirt pollution

can be installed inside or outside machine





Packaging & Shipping

Packing in cartons or wooden cases. 



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Hejian Caerd Machine Tools Accessories co.,ltd.

we are manufacturer and exporter of machine tool accessories, we can produce all kinds of standard industrial machinery accessories professionally.
Such as handwheel,knobs,hinge,cable carrier chain,rubber buffer,machine bellowcover,
conveyor chains and so on.






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