Small capacity 10tph 20tph 25tph log washer, double spiral log washer for sale

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The log washer are ideal for scrubbing difficult material. Tough insoluble clays, conglomerates and soft stone, and certain cemented aggregates are too difficult to clean properly in normal screw machines. The log washer thoroughly scouring, breaks down, and cleans the toughest materials. These high quality, highly durable machines perform well under the toughest clay conditions with minimum power, water and downtime.

Application of log washer:

Iron ore
Crushed rock
Recycled material
Most kinds of bulk material that needs washed

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Advantages of log washer
1Log Washers ideal for scrubbing difficult materials such as tough insoluble clays, conglomerates, soft stone and cemented aggregate
2High capacity
3Heavy duty conveying paddles
4Fabricated with heavy duty tubs
5Oversize bearings and gears
6Thick-walled shafts
7Lower end bolted to fully machined stub shaft. Upper end mounted through flexible coupling to output shaft of gearbox
8The compound drive divides the operating load over an optimal combination of oversized helical and spur gears
9Continuous grinding and abrading log washer paddles
10Adjustable water discharge gates on both sides of lower end of the tub











Working principle: The equipment is installed at an Angle of 10°~14°. During operation, the two rotating axes in the groove rotate in reverse. The material is fed into the middle of two rotating axes from the inner distance of the tank to the overflow end about 1/3.The coarse ore in the tank body is repeatedly washed by the blades, and is sent to the front end for discharge, and then discharged by water spray to reach a qualified ore.
The sediment washed down from the ore flows out through the overflow weir at the back of the tank and becomes a tailings. Rinse the ore with a water gun in advance for better washing results. 

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