Water immersion retort food autoclave sterilizer for canned food

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Product Overview


Water Immersion Retorts Steilizer feature:

1.All stainless steel construction: 304 or 316

2. Cooking the sea food/ sea cucumber/abalone

3. Direct steam heating/water immersion/water spray  

4. Cooling by spray water ,protect the products no hurt.

5. Control system: Siemens, which is controlled easily.

6. Different modes of capacity for customer satisfaction.

7. The principle of design

8.Suitable for all kinds of high temperature resistant packaging materials:

   Metal containers: tinplated cans ,aluminum cans

   Glass bottle products

   Soft plastic bags

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Main Features

1. Uniform temperature distribution:In the process of heating and sterilization, the water is continuously sprayed from nozzles adopted high speed spraying, so that the temperature in the pot is kept stable and the sterilization effect is improved.

2. Direct heating and indirect cooling, and prevent the second pollution. Sterilizing and cooling processes use the same water. Circulating water is directly heated by steam diffusion tube in the heating process. Under 0.5MPapressure, it only takes 6-12min to rise the temperature from 20 DEG to 121 DEG. Continuous cooling by heating exchanger is isolated from the products, preventing the second pollution in the cooling effectively.

3. Full-automatic control system:
a. Siemens Touch Screen
b. No-paper recorder
c. Imported Automatic Valves

Product Application
Packing & Delivery
Our factory

Our company was established in 2002, and our company has a national pressure vessel manufacturing license qualification(Certificate Number: TS2237350-2013), and successfully passed the food safety regulator's Shandong Province, the KYL type retorts Open the door security chain device identification(ID: SY-WT-2010-0019), and the products have passed the ISO9001 international management system certification, and our company has independent import and export operation rights. 



1. What if there is something wrong with the machine within one and half year?
We have two ways to solve this problem:
1) Phone call guidance to confirm the problem.
2) We will take video to show 'how to solve the problem'. All the problem can be solved by video guidance.

2.What if the PLC is suddenly broken down?
We use German Brand PLC, it is quite stable brand. If really broken down, what we usually do is:
1) We suggest customer to buy one more for storage. The computer we will also upload the program.
2) Once it is broken down, then take replace the new one, the broken one, send back to us, we re-do the system, and send it back to you again.

3.What is the difference between retort and autoclaving?
Both words refer to the process of sterilizing a given item. This item could be medical instruments, a sealed container of food, or anything else.So there is no difference between these two terms. They are two different ways to say the same thing.

4.Is retort machine advisable to replace autoclave in microbiology laboratory?
A retort is an autoclave. The difference here is that our retorts can perform various processes i.e. water spray, water immersion and steam-air in addition to saturated steam with or without horizontal or rotational agitation.

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