Печь для карбонизации потока воздуха с древесным углем

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Product Overview


Product Description

Brief introduction of coconut shell sawdust continuous carbonization furnace

Carbonization furnace is a new type charcoal machine, it could deal with wood waste, wood branch, sawdust briquette, palm shell, coconut shell and etc.

Working principle of coconut shell sawdust carbonization furnace

Open the lid of carbonization furnace, lift out the inner tank, put raw material in, then put the inner tank back. Close the lid then seal it so that no oxygen could come inside.

2. Heating
After sealing process, use wood waste or gas to heat furnace from the bottom. After 10 minutes burning, the temperature reaches 90℃, turn to use slow fire to heat. This process will take 60-120 minutes to reduce water vapor from your materials.

3. Carbonization
Keep heating, after the temperature reaches 180-235 ℃, the raw material will produce flammable gas from the inner tank. Reuse the gas as fuel to heat the inner tank. The whole process will last about 8 hours. When the temperature reaches highest and no flammable gas is produced, the carbonization process is finished.

4. Cooling
Lift the inner tank out. Let it cool naturally. The longer cooling time is, the better quality of charcoal is. After about 10 hours, you can take charcoal out.



Characteristics of coconut shell sawdust carbonization furnace

1. Energy saving and environmental protection: small amount of wood consumption and recycling of smoke and dust.

2. High charcoal yield.

3. Recycled wood tar and increase user revenue.

4. Easy to operate, and it's easy for the workers(users) to learn it. 
Detailed Images

1. Main furnace
2. Connect the fast tube
3. Liner and liner cover
4. Bracket fixing
5. Smoke outlet
6. Main furnace foot
7. Spray tower
8. Spray nozzle

9.  Fan
10. Buffer tank

11. Anti-burning pipe regulating valve
12. Dehumidification valve
13. Chimney
14. Observation port
15. Sealing port
16. Air volume adjustment valve

Packing & Delivery

Packaging Details
The normal package is wooden box. We will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.
Delivery: Delivery within 15 days after receipt of deposit.
Our Service

Pre-Sales Service

* Select suitable equipment model.

* Design and manufacture products according to clients special requirements.

* Train technical personnel for clients.

* Professional suggestion for customer.

After-Sales Service

* Provide civil engineering drawings of the equipment.

* Free training(including installation, maintaince) to every customer.

* Install and debug the equipment,ensure the dryer running smoothly.

* Examine the equipment regularly.


Q: Do you provide equipment operation training?

A: Yes. We can send professional engineers to the working site for equipment installation, adjustment, and operation training. All of our engineers have passports.

Q: Can you help chose suitable products?

A: Yes. We have many experts who have worked in this field for many years. They can help you select the most suitable products according to your actual condition. And they can design proper process flow based on your special situation. If necessary, we can even send professionals to your local place for site planning and work-flow design.

Q: When do you deliver the goods?

A:We usually deliver the goods within 10 days depending on detailed product. We will advise the detailed delivery time according to your specific inquiry.

Q: Do you provide after-sale service?

A: Yes. The warranty period of our machines is one year, and we have a professional after-sale service team to solve your problems promptly and thoroughly.

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