sand washing plant recycling sand machine mechanical equipment

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Hydrocyclone with Sand Washing Machine and belt sand conveyor

★ Flow capacity can be adjustable

★ Slurry density can be adjustable

★ Can remove the mud from sand totally,and a sand wont be washed away

★ Protect environment.

★Sand washing machine with belt sand conveyor,30769USD
Output every day 1000-2000t.

1.Sand washing wheel diameter:3meters,width:2meters,height:3.1meters,two sets(washing two times)

2.Belt sand conveyor:700mm in 2.width,10-15 meters in length,two sets.

3.Feeding hopper,1set
★Adjustable hydrocyclone desander 6154USD
1,adjustable hydrocyclone:1 set

2,abrasion resistant mud sand pump 1set

3,380v,50hz,1450r,30kw motor,1set

4,hydrocyclone frame 1set

5,sand slurry tank: 1set

★Adjustable hydrocyclone usage instruction:

Adjustable hydrocyclone desander is a professional second fine sand recycling equipment for the washed-out sand,after washing with sand washing machine,the very fine sand in the waste water can be efficiently recycled,then return to sand washing machine and discharged together with rough sand,so that the mud water and very fine sand separated totally. No any particle in the mud water after separating,can reduce pollution,and increase 25% economic benefit,25% daily output can be recycled and sold out,the remain 5% mud is without sand and can fill in the land,very big benefit.

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The main functions of adjustable hydrocyclone desander are as following:capacity and fine sand recycle density are adjustable when using same equipment.the capacity can be adjustable from 50m3/h to 200m3/h according to client's requirement through ajusting the in and out sleeving in for the fine sand recycle density,can be adjusted through adjusting the sleeving in discharge outlet.

This patented adjustable hydrocyclone theory as following:the sand water is pumped into the hydrocyclone,the particles will form a high speed whirl,the different specific gravity particles will be separated from water because of centrifugal principle.widely used for the inseparable very fine particles with net.

Adjustable hydrocyclone desander benefit explanation:

With the testify of users:if buy 1000kg sand from the stone factory,only left 700kg after washing,the 30% sand will be loss,which leads to big economic loss and environmeantal pollution,after installing our adjustable hydrocyclone desander,there are two advantages: 

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