Коммерческий небулайзер, ароматизатор, ароматизатор, Электрический ароматизатор

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Product Overview


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Product size: Ø103 x H238mm

Cover Area: 150 m²

Oil Tank Capacity: 100ml

 Noise: ≤ 35 dB


Product size: L160 x W160 x H261 Cover Area: 400 m²

Oil Tank Capacity: 500ml

Noise: ≤ 45 dB

                  GE-900 .

Product size: L160 x W160 x H540

 Cover Area: 500 m²

Oil Tank Capacity: 500ml

Noise: ≤ 50 dB

Why Choose us

Felshare Electric Scent machine is designed on COLD DIFFUSION no need any heat to help disperse the essential oil. It is safe green and friendly device. Our aroma diffuser use essential oil and fragrance based on oil solvent, from the diffusion procedure, the oil can be dispresed under 1 micro in diameter which is easily to spread in air to sent the whole space.

Our Electric Scent Machine Working life could up to 10000 hours, fits for room,Hotel, Shopping mall, Home, SPA, office, etc.The equiment stable performance, simple operation, easy maintenance.

Buyer pain points:

1: Are you still worried about big noise of scent diffuser machine?
2: Are you still worried about the life of the machine?

3: Are you still worry about how to find a nice scent diffuser supplier?
4: How do you choose in the face of thousands of quotes and suppliers?

5: Bad good quality, waste your time, energy and money?

Felshare Electric Scent Machine selling point:

1: Lowest noise in the industry.

2: The long life electromagnetic pump that our machines use, 10,000 hours is just the       beginning of life.    

3:We provide lifelong after-sales maintenance for machines;                                                                         4Free sample scent machine , you can do a test for free;
5 : The lowest courier, we have long cooperation shipping company;
6: Global uniform price, long-term price stability;

Electric Scent Machine New Patent Technology.

Our electric scent machine nozzle gain patent for invention .Nozzle from other factories in China are easy to jam and need to clean,but our nozzle 95% will not jam as you can see below. 

Product Description

Commercial Nebulizer Scent Fragrance Machine Electric Scent Machine

This is the most fashionable scent diffuser machine, it is made of aluminum alloy material, the color is available.

* Machine color: available in many colors, you pick up the color, Support color customization
* Lowest noise, very quiet when working.
* Application Area: Office /Spa /Foot bath / Home / Hotel/ Living room etc.

Items No 
Product Type:
fragrance oil diffuser , no water.
Aluminum alloy
≤ 30dB
Twin-Fluid Atomization Technology
Eco-Friendly, APP Control, Other
Fragrance & Purifying Air
Black / Rose Gold

1: NO life limit
Using brushless Electromagnetic pump,10000 hours is just the beginning of life.
2: Phone APP remote
Even if you stay away from scent diffuser machine , you can operate Scent machine aanywhere and anytime .
3: Time memory function
No need to set working time repeatedly.
4: Working time in minutes   or in seconds.
Working time for switching between minutes and seconds, It can work in minutes or in seconds.
5: Two-fluid nano   atomization technology
Two-fluid nano atomization technology, Avoid traditional blockages.
6: Amount of heavy fog
Amount of heavy fog. Spread the scent quickly.

• No heat.

• No water.

• No ultrasonic.

• Refillable fragrance oil container.

• Cold-air diffusion technology/dry gas technology.

• Being silent when it works.

• With WIFI APP remote control system, make operation easier.

• Suitable for various area from small to big.

• Friendly and easy maintenance and operation.

• With timer program, persistence, concentration setting.

• Environment protecting, can custom.

• Easy to replace the oil bottle and great smell.

If you troubled by these visible or invisible harm every day? After a long day, your home should offer a respite from the craziness and provide an opportunity to rejuvenate. If you're constantly looking for a boost at the end of your day, essential oils can help relieve stress and increase your peace, calm and energy. A scent diffuser machine will bring a relax and healthy world for you. 

Scent Diffuser Machine with WIFI APP Remote Control.

Scent Diffuser Machine with WIFI APP Remote Control, Make you operate scent diffuser machine  easier, Even if you stay away from scent machine , you can operate Scent machine anywhere and anytime .

You can download free "GreenAir" from app store, available for both IOS and Android system mobile, once your scent diffuser machine binded with the App, you can control and change its working mode thousands miles away from home. Also you will be aware of that there is an oil consumption indicator in the app, so as to indicate you whether your diffuser machine run out of oil or not.

AM-150 Electric Scent diffuser machine advantages 

1: NO life limit. Using brushless Electromagnetic pump,Avoid the traditional life limitation of brush pump.

2: Phone APP remote control. mobile phone remote intelligent control ,anywhere ,anytime ,anywhere to control the fragrant environment .Innovative remote oil level detection system ,a machine in hand ,to ensure that the use of worry free .

3: Amount of heavy fog. Spread the scent quickly.

4: Time memory function and Time setting. The time is set in seconds.

5: Gas liquid separation. Avoid traditional blockages.

   Fragrance spray technology limit,to ensure that every drop of pure fragrance diffusion ,instant direct .

   Precision intelligent control of computer main control board.

   Cloud intelligence support

Our Company

HANGZHOU FELSHARE BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.specializes in producing aroma diffuser machine for 8 years. We have a professional r&d team. Our products introduced Germany Gas atomization technology for the introduction of core fog, Fragrance spray technology limit,to ensure that every drop of pure fragrance diffusion , instant direct . Cloud intelligence support . The remote end small space system to achieve fragrance fragrant oil expansion ;remote monitoring lack of liquid ,convenient business services. Unique product competitive advantage to establish a leading position in Felshare industry .mobile phone remote intelligent control ,anywhere ,anytime ,anywhere to control the fragrant environment .Innovative remote oil level detection system ,a machine in hand ,to ensure that the use of worry free .Welcome new and old customers to visit.

Packing & Delivery


We will package according to customer's requirement or you just tell us your idea about packing we can make packing design for you.


EMS, DHL, Fedex, UPS and by Sea are available ,we will discuss the shipping details with our customers, and choose the best option, and then help them shipping

Our Service

Hangzhou Felshare Biotechnology Co.,Ltd advantages:

1.Custom service (Logo,color box, manual, sticker, function,color...)

2.We can offer one-stop service and promises to respond to customer requests within 24hours.

3.Quality control: We do 100% testing before delivery and defective rate less than 0.1%.

4.After sale service: all the complains will be handled in 24 hours and send to our CEO email.

5.Our factory can offer OEM&ODM service.

6. 24-hour online service, professional R&D team, constantly providing new R&D products for customers.

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