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Water Based Cleaning Agent


JF8730 is a neutral environment-friendly water-based cleaning agent that can quickly and effectively remove uncured red glue residue on SMT printing screen, and solder paste residue before reflow, with ultrasonic cleaning process to achieve very good cleaning effect. For 3-5mm SMT plastic and red glue residue on thick screen printing of copper plate, it can also meet the cleaning requirements. This product is a neutral liquid developed by our company's patented technology. It has strong cleaning power and excellent material compatibility. It is an ideal environmentally friendly water-based cleaning agent. With the development of small, lightweight and precise electronic products, electronic cleaning has become more and more important in the manufacturing industry. Compared with traditional cleaning agents, JF8730 neutral water-based cleaning agent completely eliminates fire safety hazards and is more capable. Meeting the ever-increasing environmental protection material level requirements, it is in line with the future development of the cleaning industry.

Water-based Cleaning  Agent / Detergent, no alcohol-based, safe transportation and exportingWater-based Cleaning  Agent / Detergent, no alcohol-based, safe transportation and exporting

This model is JF-8730 


  1. Cleaning the flu, rosin, oil stain stubborn residue on the soldering fixture, cyclone separator and condenser(JF-8730)
  2. Cleaning PCBA after soldering(JF-8770)
  3. Cleaning uncured red glue residue and solder paste residue before reflow soldering(JF-8740)
  4. Packing: 1L, 2L, 5L/bottle, safe transportation, Non alcohol-based



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