Glass Bead Sand Blasting Machine/Wet Sand Blasting Machine

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Product Overview



1. ISO9001-2008 Certificate.

2. Professional manufacturer with rich experience. 

3. High efficiency,good effect. 

4. Wet Type Sand Blasting Machine, Sandblasting Equipment 

The functions of Wet Type Sand Blasting Machine, Sandblasting Equipment:

1. Clean up mold, heat treatment, welding parts, castings, forgings, oxide scale, residual salt and slag,  cleanup quality can be achieved Sa3 level.

2. Clean up small burr, surface remain of machining parts.

3. Change the roughness of surface Ra valve.

4. Can be used as pretreatment processing a surface prior coating, plating. To get active surface,  to improve the adhesive force of coating, plating layer.

5. It can be used for finishing processing of high precision and complex shape parts, which other processing methods difficult to complete.

6. Used to improve the physical and mechanical performance of the workpiece workpiece, Such as changing the surface stress state,  improve lubrication conditions of complexes coupled parts,  to reduce the noise in the moving of complexes coupled parts.

7. Suitable for full renovation of the old parts.


The advantages of Wet Type Sand Blasting Machine, Sandblasting Equipment:

1. Greatly improving the dust pollution of the environment, and reduce the health hazards to workers.

2. No need to equip the ventilation and dust removal equipment and a separate blast room, can directly install in the production line, to save production areas, good to the turnover of the workpieces.

3. Flexible working methods, variable process parameters,  can adopt to finsing process  requirements of different materials and different precision parts.

4. The surface quality improve after processing, at a reasonable selection of process parameters conditions,  reduce the roughness one leavel after sand blasting.

5. The surface of workpieces will harder after sand blasting, to improve the wear resistance and fatigue strength.

6. In the working, the abrasives can recycling use, small consumption.

7. The main parts with long service life, andeasy to maintain.


The applications of Wet Type Sand Blasting Machine, Sandblasting Equipment:

 1.   Application for the liquid sandblasting (abrasives)process.

 2.   Suitable for small parts one-piece, small batch processing. 

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Company Introduction

 WUXI DONGYUAN MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO.,LTD is specialized in producting surface treatment equipments. It is a professional enterprise. Our company mainly produces shot blasting machine, sand blasting machine, grinding machine, washing machine, dryer, coating line and so on. In the surface treatment industry has our own characteristics.

       Our company has a group of professional scientific and technical personnel, since its inception, continuous innovation and develpment, for the surface treatment of the cause of our country to make its due contribution.

       To meet the market economy and the reform and opening up, and vigorously develop to meet market needs, surface treatment products, has a lot into the market, resulting in a good social effect, the company of " quality of survival, technology and development" purposes,wholeheartedly with the demestic and foreign friends extensive cooperation and common development, welcome customers to visit and negotiate.

       Our products are widely used in machinery manufacturing, automobile, motorcycle, auto parts industry, compressors, internal combustion engines,engines, engines and other parts, fuel injection, hydraulic parts, bearings, retainers, valves, gears and other parts.

Our Services & Strength
1. Reply your inquiry in 24 working hours.
2. Experienced staffs answer all your questions in time.
3. Customized design is available.
4. Exclusive and unique solution can be provided to our customer by our well-trained and professional engineers and staff.
5. Special discount and protection of sales are provided to our distributor.
6. Professional factory: We are largest manufacturer, specializing in producing all kinds of Shot Blasting Machine & Metal Abrasive in China, competitive with good quality.
7. As an honest seller, we always use superior raw material, advanced machines, skilled technicians to ensure our products to be finished in high quality and stable feature.
If the above model is not suitable for your workpiece, please tell us your need and then we can send you the most satisfying drawing.

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