Insen Supply Good Quality Magnesium L-Aspartate Powder

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Insen Supply Good Quality Magnesium L-Aspartate Powder


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Magnesium L-aspartate Powder

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Magnesium L-aspartate Powder is a bio-available soluble complex of Calcium l-Aspartic acid. A food fortified with minerals, makes sense if the nutrient is metabolizable.It is not only Calcium, but also particularly, the anion fraction (aspartate) of the ingested calcium source, which determines the bioavailability.The anion should be capable of physiological metabolism and be innocuous to the body. Both Calcium l-Aspartic acid are naturally available in human body. 

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Magnesium L-aspartate is a novel feed additive, which can improve the meat quality of livestock and poultry. It can also be used in food additives, and health products.  

Aspartic acid salts are considered as carriers of minerals related to cell metabolism, which can improve energy efficiency by supplementing important electrolytes to assist cell metabolism. Magnesium aspartate is used in cosmetics and cosmetic products to help transport minerals to skin cells.

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1. Amino acids are of great help to the human body. First of all, amino acids can help us regulate our own immunity. Some amino acids can also help us effectively achieve brain health. Some amino acids can also regulate blood pressure.          
     2. Promote brain development. It is a component of liver and gallbladder. It can promote fat metabolism, regulate pineal gland, breast, corpus luteum and ovary, and prevent cell degradation;
3. Fitness, supplemented with sufficient branched chain amino acids, can strengthen muscle synthesis ability, improve recovery ability, and reduce part of fat. In addition, because branched-chain amino acids make up almost one-third of protein, enough intake of branched-chain amino acids can help reduce muscle loss    
4. Some amino acids can also help us achieve the purpose of anti-fatigue. Improve physical fitness and vitality.


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