Multi-Functional 5 In 1 Mychway 40k Cavitation Fat Exploding Loss Weight RF Slimming Beauty Machine

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As we all know, obesity is defined as morbid in the economically developed countries. Obesity is second only to AIDS, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer.

Generally, the weight loss method can only make the fat cells shrink as much as possible, and the cells themselves still exist, and the number of cells cannot be reduced. Therefore, the chance of success in slimming is small, and the difficulty is high, and it is easy to rebound. The formation of fat cells and obesity closely related to the body weight standard adults. The human fat cells have about 250-300 fat cells, which are widely distributed in the subcutaneous and visceral tissues. The number of fat cells in the human body is fixed after puberty, and the fat cells that cause obesity will not increase or decrease once formed. Human body obesity is caused by excessive or excessive expansion of fat cells.

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