100% Pure Natural Organic Ginger Massage Essential Oil

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100% Pure Natural Organic Ginger Massage Essential Oil

Product Description

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Ginger essential oil is one of the traditional health care, wasn't on the facial skin care.Harmonic in shampoo, to go head wind, headache.Base oil dilution massage to dissipate blood stasis, treatments are available.Aphrodisiac, treatment of impotence, improve menstrual, can also be used for postpartum care, to eliminate accumulated blood clots.Special help to improve the moisture inside body, body fluids, too many state, such as influenza, much sputum and runny nose, can also ease a sore throat and tonsil inflammation.Warm feeling, make the person feels sharp and enhance memory, to be in a good mood.A few drops in the bubble foot of hot water with ginger essential oil, can achieve the purpose of invigorate the circulation of channels and collaterals, soak the foot after wearing AUN nanosilver antibacterial deodorizes socks, also can achieve the result of removing beriberi smelly feet.




 Product Name Ginger essential oil
 CAS# 8007-08-7
 Extraction Method Supercritical Extraction
 Appearance Brownish red liquid
 Features Natural, organic and pollution-free
 Delivery 3-10 days after payment confirmed

 Stored in a cool and dry well-closed container, keep away from moisture and strong light/heat, 

 3years' shelf life when properly stored.


Main Functions  


1.Skin effect: help dissipate blood stasis, governance trauma; conditioning oily skin, pale skin use is also effective. Not suitable for use in facial skin care, adjustable and shampoo in the shampoo, head to the wind, headache; available base oil diluted massage to dissipate blood stasis, treatment of trauma.

2.Physiological efficacy: aphrodisiac, very valuable in the treatment of incompetence, improve menstruation is not smooth, can also be used for post-natal care to eliminate the accumulation of blood clots; particularly help to improve the body of moisture, excessive body fluids, such as influenza , Sputum and runny nose, but also reduce the sore throat and tonsillitis.

3.Psychological effect: warm emotions, people feel sensitive and enhance memory, happy mood.


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Company Information

Company Introduction   


Ji 'An Tong Fu biotechnology Co, Ltd was established in 2012. It is a manufactory that specially produce natural plant essential oils. Our company located in Ji an city jiang xi province. There have abundant natural plant raw materials and the transport is convenient. It provide us natural plant extract place. So Ji An is called Spices Town in also. Our factory produce plant essential oils almost 10 years. We have our development team. And all of our technician are younger and professional. We have high-end testing equipment and lab. All products must through strict testing before shipping. Our factory can produce 200tons plant essential oils one year.Our factory have natural plant essential oils, traditional Chinese medicine oils, carrier oils,the raw materials of cosmetics, the raw materials of medicine and plant extract. Such as: peppermint oil , eucalyptus oil , clove oil , rosemary oil , Roman chamomile essential oil ,Avocado oil, lemongrass oil, ginger flower oil, ginger oil, patchouli oil, angelica oil, Honeysuckle oil, aloe oil, menthol, borneol.

Our Workshop           


Our Testing Room  

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Our Advantages  

1. Small Order: MOQ is 1kg. Any small orders are accepted.


2. Free sample: Free samples are provided.


3. Shipping fast: Our factory produce 500kg essential oils every day. We can make sure shipping on time and shipping fast.


4. OEM/ODM. We can provide OEM/ODM service.


5. Our Team. We have our development team. And all of our technician are younger and professional.

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