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Professional Design Stainless steel Customizable Commercial Cocktail Station For Bars/Pub/Cafe 



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Bar is a platform for providing services. It not only has practical functions, but also expresses style and fashion. It symbolizes the elegant atmosphere and the petty bourgeoisie. It is widely used in hotels, restaurants, restaurants, and different styles of bar to make the restaurant space more Use it effectively.

Bar design features:

1. The bar design and color matching should meet the style requirements of the restaurant storefront. In the restaurant, the bar plays the function of receiving diners, checkout, ordering, etc. At the same time, the bar is also the impression that our store brings to customers and feels good. An important place.

2, bar design should be convenient for service consumers, catering industry as a traditional type of service industry, service quality is also a key point for consumers to have a good impression, the location and structure of the bar should be convenient for us to serve each diners, but also The customer settles the account.

3, bar space should be rationally laid out, in the design, we must consider the size of the overall space to consider the size of the design bar, do not leave a feeling of crowding and depression for the diners, our design should play the role of the bar diversion .

Several common bar designs:

1, linear bar design is more common, it is characterized by the waiter is always directly facing the consumer. The length of the linear bar can be designed according to the needs. Usually, a waiter can take care of the length of the three-meter bar. Therefore, the length of the restaurant bar will be designed according to the number of waiters and space requirements. Most traditional Chinese-style restaurants are generally used to combine bar counters with cashiers.

2, U-shaped bar is also known as the horseshoe-shaped bar, three facing the customer open, the two ends are connected with the wall, so the internal space of the U-shaped bar is much more abundant than the linear bar, the service area and utilization efficiency are greatly improved.

3, ring bar or hollow square bar, this type of bar in the middle needs to design the island, for storing items and fully displaying the variety of drinks. The advantage of waking up the bar is that the display space is large and can be designed into a very beautiful restaurant part, and the 360 degrees are displayed to the customers, no matter where they sit in the restaurant, they can be attracted by the activities on the bar. This requires professional designers to make the perfect display design for the bar to attract the attention of consumers; restaurants in street shops or shopping malls can use this type of design, because the ring bar can accommodate more customers, from the shape From the design point of view, it can also make the restaurant more fashionable and diversified.

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Partner food Equipment factory was found in 2010, our Engineering company found 2016 "Partner" dealing with restaurant, food factory and all kind of food equipment as well as one stop purchase service for worldview Clients in China market, our service can fit on final user, distributors and engineering company.

We located in Xingfu East Industrial Zone, Boxing County (China’s Kitchen Appliance Capital), Shandong. Company registered capital of 51.18 million Yuan, covers an area of 120 mu, production plant 50000 m2, the production of various kinds of kitchen 100,000 sets. Company has professional production equipment more than 300 Unit and more than 1,200 employees. Partner business customers throughout the hotel, restaurant kitchen, international and domestic chain restaurants, factories, schools, government agencies and civil apartments, and with several well-known foreign chains etc. our slogan is to be your best partner in restaurant investment and food industry.

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