EDTA disodium salt 99% food and industrial/pharmaceutical grade

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Product Overview


EDTA disodium salt 99% food and industrial grade

Product Description
  •  What is Disodium EDTA?

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Disodium EDTA is a chemical that is used as a food preservative that is commonly found in salad dressings, sauces, spreads, canned goods, and beverages(Food production licence approved for food-grade quality.)

It is also present as a preservative in soaps, shampoos, and cosmetics(Industrial grade quality.)

It is both odourless and colourless and works to preserve foods and creams by binding with various minerals and metals.


Disodium EDTA and Calcium Disodium EDTA are often confused for each other, but they are very different chemicals despite the fact that both are commonly referred to as simply EDTA. It is extremely important not to get the two mixed up.




99% 99.5%min

EDTA –Ca 10%

EDTA-Mg  6%

EDTA-Fe  13%

EDTA-FeNH4  45%

EDTA-Zn  15%

EDTA-Mn  13%

EDTA-Cu  15%


1. Food grade, industrial grade, cosmetics grade are all available.

2. Offering customized package including flexible logo mark and serving size.

3. The strict control of heavy metals e.g. Pb, Cd, As.

4. EDTA chelated metal salts without the residue of sulfates.


 Specifications of Disodium EDTA, industrial-grade:

Analysis Contents

Analysis Standard


White Crystalline Powder


99.00% min


0.020% max


0.020% max


1.00% max

Heavy Metal

10ppm max


10ppm max

Chelating Value mg(CaCO3)/g

265 min

PH Value (50g/L,25℃)


Transparency(50g/L,60℃ water solution,stirring for 15min)

Clear and Transparent without mechanical Impurities


The main difference between disodium EDTA and tetrasodium EDTA is that disodium EDTA has a pH lower than 7 whereas tetrasodium EDTA has a pH higher than 7.


Disodium EDTA acts as a preservative for some foods, beverages, creams, and soaps.

l  Helps preserve some foods and beverages

l  Preserves some creams, lotions, and soaps


Serving size: 500g/bag, 1kg/bag, 25kg/bag

Express delivery: Less than 25kg/carton

Export shipping: 1ton/pallet, 18-24tons/20” container


Packaging & Shipping
  •  Packaging, Marking, Transportation and Storage


The products are packed in plastic woven bags lined with polyethene film bags or kraft paper bags, each bag has a net weight of 25.0kg, or according to the requirements of customers.


Each product package shall be provided with the firm and clear marks, including product name, specification, net content, batch number, production date and shelf-life or other info as customer required.

Transportation and Storage

The products shall be protected against dampness, sun and package damage during transportation. The products shall be stored in a flat, cool, ventilated and dry warehouse. During transportation and storage, it should not be stored together with alkaline chemicals, and the stacking height of packages should be less than 7m.

EDTA packagesEDTA Loading


 1. What're the differences between EDTA and EDTA sodium salts?

Under the same alkaline condition, the chelating ability is EDTA (acid)> EDTA 2NA > EDTA 4NA.

The solubility of EDTA acid and EDTA 2NA in water is smaller than EDTA 4NA.

So according to the PH of using environment and solubility, different EDTA products are required.

2. How many tons per container loaded?

For EDTA 2Na, 18/21MT per 20FCL.

For EDTA 4Na, 20/24MT per 20FCL.

For EDTA Acid, 20/22MT per 20FCL.

3. Are OEM packages available?

Yes, MOQ for OEM is 20MT. We can customize the shipping mark label and also bag.

3. Do you have jumbo bags?

We have 1ton bag for EDTA and 850kg bag for EDTA 2Na.

4. What’s the delivery time?

1-5tons, leading time in 7 working days.

More than 5 tons, leading time in 10-15 working days.

5. What about the quality.

We supply specification in industrial, food and also cosmetic grades.

If special requirements about the index and quality, kindly let us know and we will meet.

6. What about production capacity?

Production capacity for EDTA sodium salts is 26,000tons per year and for EDTA Acid is 50,000tons per year.

7. How to get a sample?

Free sample for 100g under the collect express account. Kindly contact sales manager for more info.


Product Application


How does EDTA work?

Industrial uses

EDTA chelating agents are widely used in water treatment, dyeing, oil cleaning, etc.

Personal care &

skincare products

Binding to free metal ions and serves as a purifying agent and preservative.

Shampoos and soaps

Reducing the “hardness” (or presence of metal cations) in tap water so that other ingredients can work to cleanse more efficiently.

Laundry detergents

To soften water that comes into contact with it so the other active ingredients can cleanse better.


Preventing the discolouring of dyed fabrics by removing harmful free metal ions and getting rid of residue left on industrial equipment.

Agriculture Fertilizers

EDTA metal salts like EDTA-MnEDTA-Fe and EDTA-Zn, etc are mainly used as foliar fertilizers, water-soluble fertilizers to supply trace elements for vegetables, crops, and fruits.


EDTA chelating agents are used for chelating metal ions, removing heavy metals of foods. EDTA metal salts e.g. Ca, Zn, Fe are used for supplying micronutrients for human.


EDTA applications

Our Services
  • FCL and LCL shipping by sea or air. Sample delivered to the door.
  • Customized bag and label are available for FCL purchasing.
  • Loading with or without pallets.
  • Professional mix loading.
  • Abundant product choices of EDTA series.
  • Customized EDTA-Mix formula for fertilizer

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