Lifelong service auto lens coating system

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Product Overview


Lifelong service auto lens coating system

Coating Samples

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Product Description

 The Optical Coating Systems manufactured by Guotai are are designed to maximize coating uniformity and production throughput, and have supported to a wide range of coating applications to include anti-reflection and highly reflective coatings, edge filters, beam spliters, optical filters, laser diodes, polarizers, gain flattening filters, and other complex non-quarter wave design including low stress and high laser damage threhold coatings.


 auto lens coating system



The system includes ZZS and GT series, Chamber sizes range from 600~2700mm, custom spces on request are available. 


auto lens coating system



Main Features:

  • Flexible Configuration

The system can be carefully tailored to support client’s specific coating application and production requirements. Configuration options include Thermal Evaporation, Electron Beam Evaporation, and Electron Beam with Ion Assist; Both Crystal and automated optical monitoring for high accuracy and tight coating specification are available; Substrate fixturing is available in single rotation, planetary, calotte, flip planetary, and unique arrangement for specific requirements; Support front side baking or back side baking, or both.


auto lens coating system

  • Excellent Performance and Reliability

Guotai recognizes that user-friendliness and reliability of optical coating equipment is paramount to client’s success. The system incorporates proven design features based on decades of experience that produce exceptional results with easy to use software and dependable run to run consistency. We strive to continuously obtain customer feedback from coating engineers, operators, and maintenance personnel to improve design features that will minimize system downtime and increase overall productivity.

Subsystem equipment of our systems are from reliable and brand manufacturers such as Baosi, Edwards, Inficon, Baodi, Omron to name a few. This allows our clients to benefit from the depths of Guotai and its vendors for the availability of service and spare parts.


  • Coating Process Capability and Support

The system includes optional process development, system calibration, film characterization and uniformity adjustment to less than 0.5%. They can be delivered with multiple, fully developed, production-ready coating processes, pre-programmed to minimize system downtime between production changeover's and to maximize run efficiencies and product yields. Calibration of the process is so consistent that new designs may be supplier to the operator from a remote site with the results from a test run analyzed and a small adjustment in calibration made before final production. Designed for run-to-run repeatability and to deliver excellent results after a minimum number of test coatings, the system lends itself to a fully automatic operation reducing time, manpower, and costs-even with high layer counts and complex layer stacks.

Models & Specs


auto lens coating system 

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Company Information

auto lens coating system


Guotai Vacuum is an ISO 9001& ISO14001 certified manufacturer of high-performance optical filters and thin-film coating systems. Registered in 2013, Guotai has rapidly grown from a small startup to a China-based leader in precision optical thin film systems. Guotai's engineering team has been instrumental in achieving this growth by refining our advanced E-Beam Deposition process, designing and building our coating equipment, and dedicating a large amount of resources to research and development. By so far, Guotai has obtained more than 15 patents regarding the optical coating machine, and a few of national and regional prizes.


Guotai Provides:
Design & Development : Vacuum Coating Process / Mechanicals / Electrical Unit
Manufacture: Complete Set / Parts
Services: Equipment Installation / Maintenance / Repair / Technical Support / Filters and Thin Film Production


auto lens coating system 

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