EPC Gen 2 UHF RFID Reader/Writer Tags UHF R2000 oem rfid reader rfid & nfc writer and reader

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Product Overview


Product Details
JAVS18-301B2 R2000 UHF RFID reader with two antenna port
JAVS18-30Y8AH UHF RFID Directional Reader
Product Brief
    JAVS18-301B2 R2000 UHF RFID reader with two antenna port is use R2000 chip designed for reading ISO18000-6C(EPC-GEN2) electronic label. It has four antenna port. The device only be installed indoors, and its waterproof grade is IP56. There are three LED indicators to indicate the working status of the device. The built-in buzzer prompts to read the label status by sounding. The sounding time can be set by software or the sound can be turned off.
    JAVS18-301B2 communication interface includes: TCP / IP Ethernet, RS232, RS485 and Wigan.
    The device mainly configures parameters through RS232 interface. Before using the product, parameters must be configured through configuration software.
UHF RFID Product of Javs Classification
UHF RFID Product of Javs Classification
Product Information Sheets
NO Information items Describe
1 Product Name JAVS18-301B2 R2000 UHF RFID reader with two antenna port
2 Product Model JAVS18-301B2
3 Product Type UHF RFID Reader
4 Frequency of RF 860MHz-960MHz(Software adjustable)
5 Chip sets R2000
6 Protocol of Tag ISO18000-6C
7 Read number of tag at the same time  
8 Material Aluminium alloy
9 Color grey
10 Antenna four antenna port(External antenna required)
11 External Connection DC Power connector, DB9-M,RJ45, DB15-F
12 Communication Interfaces TCP/IP ethernet, RS232, RS485, Wiegand 26,Wiegand 34,Wiegand 66
13 Status Indication 3 LED lights, built-in buzzer
14 Relay output no
15 RF Output Power 20-33dBm
16 Distance of read 0-20m
17 Trig signal to read card An external signal trig the card be read. After triggering, the card reading delay time can be set by the software.
18 Status input signal One way status information can also be used to close the relay
19 Power DC12V-36V
20 Rated power 10W
21 Working Temperature -25℃ ~ +75℃
22 Storage Temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
23 Working Humidity < 95%
24 Product Size 215mm×165mm×38mm
25 Product Weight 1.5kg
26 Package Size 300mm×200mm×100mm
27 Package Number 1
28 Package Weight 2.0kg
Product Advantages
· Strong anti-interference ability, not affected by external radio waves;
· Strong ability to read labels at the same time (strong anti-collision ability);
· Buffer with 2000 tags;
· Support outdoor installation, IP grade: IP56;
· The distance of reading tag is adjustable, 0-12m adjustable (set with software);
· Multiple interfaces, easy to use;
· Can use dial switch to set common parameters;
· Support relay output;
· There is no external wiring, and all interfaces are integrated on the device;
· Read label type: ISO18000-6C(EPC-GEN2)/ISO18000-6B;
Products of the same kinds
UHF RFID Product of Javs Classification
UHF RFID Product of Javs Classification
Others Products of Javs
UHF RFID Product of Javs Classification
Functional Descriptions
· Device working status indication (3 LED indicators, built-in buzzer);
· Be able to correctly read the UHF RFID electronic labels in accordance with ISO18000-6C(EPC-GEN2)/ISO18000-6B protocol;
· The read tags are saved in the buffer, with the buffer capacity of 2000 tags;
· After reading the label, it can be transmitted to other-device through TCP/IP ethernet, RS232, RS485 and Wigan 26 / 34 / 66;
· Communication mode includes active transmission and passive transmission;
· RS232 and RS485 communication rate can be set;
· The distance of reading label can be set (0-31 gears);
· The interval between reading the same label can be set;
· The speed of label active upload can be set;
· External trigger to start card reading;
· Support relay output. When the label is read, the relay closes and the closing time can be set by software;
· The external input signal can be used to close the relay;
· Support dial switch to set common parameters;
· Be able to read the factory information of the equipment;
Technical Specifications
· RF Frequency:860MHz-960MHz(Software adjustable);
· Mode of send information to other-device : Active or Passive;
· Material: Aluminium alloy;
· Antenna: four antenna port;
· Communication Interface: TCP/IP ethernet, RS232, RS485, Wigan26, Wigan34, Wigan66;
· Communication mode: active mode (after the reader reads the label, it sends it to other-device);
· Buffer capacity of 2000 labels in the device;
· RS232 and RS485 communication rate can be set by users;
· Reading tag type: ISO18000-6C(EPC-GEN2)/ISO18000-6B;
· Protocol of Tag: ISO18000-6C/ISO18000-6B
· Distance of tag: up to 15 meters
· Recognition accuracy: 99.999999%;
· Provide demonstration software, API functions, etc;
· Various data format output can be developed according to user requirements;
· Output RF power: max 33dBm(Software adjustable);
· Working voltage: DC12V-36V;
· Rated power: 10W;
· Operating temperature: -25 - +75 Centigrade;
· Storage temperature: -40 - +85 Centigrade;
· Working humidity: less than 95%;
· Product Size:215mm×165mm×38mm;
· Product Weight:1.5kg;
· Package Size:300mm×200mm×100mm;
· Package Number:1;
· Package Weight:2.5kg;
Application system includes: reader +antenna + tag + application software
>> Optional Tags
JAVS18-30Y8AH UHF RFID Directional Reader
>> Successful Application Systems
· Asset management ;
· Goods traceability management ;
· Industrial automation control ;
· Sorting system ;
· Robot precise positioning ;
· Precise positioning of unmanned driving ;
JAVS18-30Y8AH UHF RFID Directional Reader
JAVS18-30Y8AH UHF RFID Directional Reader
JAVS18-30Y8AH UHF RFID Directional Reader
JAVS18-30Y8AH UHF RFID Directional Reader
Packing Lists
Product name Product Model Number Notes
JAVS18-301B2 R2000 UHF RFID reader with two antenna port JAVS18-301B2 1  
Power Adapter AC-DC12V3A 1  
Certificate   1  
Signal connection instruction   1  
Company Introductions
>> Company Profile
    Shenzhen Javs Technology is established in October 2006, it is a China-national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research & development, production and sales of IOT equipment and systems. The company mainly provides RFID, ATIS(AEI), wireless communication, intelligent sensor, image analysis, intelligent charging, intelligent retail, Self-service supermarket, intelligent manufacturing and other equipment and systems. Products are widely used in intelligent transportation, Automatic train identification system, smart city, smart campus, smart enterprises, modern logistics, Rail transit, medical, military, mining, factories, tourism, public safety and other industries. And can be customized according to customer needs, but also can provide customers with the highest cost-effective system solutions.
    With the core development concept of seeking truth, innovation, solidarity and striving, the company aims to "provide customers with the highest cost-effective products and services", and has gathered a large of professional and technological talents of IOT with broad vision, strong technology, courage to innovate and vitality. The company focuses on technological renewal, invests a large amount of research and development costs every year, and develops new products to meet market requirements. All kinds of products have won the favor of the market with advanced technology, stable performance and honest service. At present, the company's scale continues to grow, core technology research continues to deepen, market share continues to increase, has become a very influential technology company in the IOT industry at China and abroad.
>> Advantages of Javs
JAVS18-30Y8AH UHF RFID Directional Reader
1. The classification of Javs’s passive RFID?
A: Javs’s passive RFID products : 125kHz low frequency RFID, 13.56MHz high frequency RFID, 27.095mhz high frequency RFID, UHF RFID.
2. 27.095MHz high frequency RFID Application in which industries?
A: 27.095MHz high frequency RFID is mainly used in robot positioning, driverless and other industries due to its fast transmission speed (500kbps), long recognition distance and low delay.
3. Can the customer provide the requirements and customize according to the customer's requirements?
A: Javs has OEM / ODM business, which can be customized according to customers' requirements.
4. Can the price of the product be reduced?
A: the company's slogan is: to provide customers with the most cost-effective products and services, as long as customers purchase large quantities, the price will drop.
5. How to guarantee the performance of products?
A: Javs proposes a complete quality assurance system for product performance. From product development, production, sales to after-sales support.

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