High Performance Oil Based Gross Adhesive Glue For LED Letter Surface Coating

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Product Overview





Applicate for LED letter,advertisting lamp,mold potting,surface coating,electric accessories and so on.Product Parameters




Name:Epoxy Resin AB Glue


Appearance:Transparent Liquid








Shelf Life:6-12 months seal and under dry place


Operation Time:25℃×30-45minutes


Curing Time:25℃×3-4hours


Storage:Seal store under cool and ventilate environment


Product Feature:Fast curing,High Transparency,Good anti yellowing,Natural defoaming,High Plumpness


Application Area:Use for LED letter,Advertisting Lamp,mold pouring,surface coating,Electric Accessories and so on.room temperature or heat temperature curing,after cured,smooth surface,crystal,no bubble,no yellowing,inside using can anti-yellowing long time



Technical Parameter







Specific gravity



Viscosity (25)



Mixing ratio

 A: B = 100:33(weight ratio)

Hardening conditions

25 ℃×12H to 16H or 55℃×2.5H (2 g)

Usable  time

25℃×60min (100g)



  Matter Needing attention 

1.After mixing, it is suggested to vacuum the glue to remove bubbles in the mixing process, or to let it stand for 10-20 minutes before using, so as to break the bubbles in time.


2. If the product is heated and solidified, it can be allowed to stand for a period of time before entering the oven. If there are still bubbles on the surface, the method of flame defoaming can be used to remove the bubbles; The more glue that is mixed together, the faster the reaction will be and the faster the curing speed will be. Please pay attention to control the amount of glue that is mixed at one time, because the time available for use will be shortened due to the faster reaction.


3. Usable time: refers to the time when the viscosity of 100g mixed adhesive solution is doubled under the condition of 25℃, but it cannot be used after the usable time.


4. Very few people may have mild skin allergy or itching if they touch the adhesive solution for a long time. It is recommended to wear protective gloves when using it. Please try out the product in small quantities before using it in large quantities.



Storage And Shelf Life

1, Store at the temperature of 25°C or cool and dry place.  Avoid from sunlight, high temperature or high humidity environment.

2, Use up as soon as possible when opened. It is strictly forbidden to expose to the air for a long time after it is opened to avoid affecting the quality of the products. The shelf life is six months in the room temperature of 25°C degree.





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Payment method and after-sales service:


1. The company's payment method supports T/T or Western Union


2. After delivery, our company has professional after-sales customer service personnel to track the in-transit status of products for you, so as to ensure the safety and fast delivery of products to customers.


3. Senior engineers can enjoy a full range of quality one-to-one service for free and give professional advice in the production and operation process. The company's professional engineers can also according to customer requirements, research and development of a variety of different performance of products, curing conditions, temperature grades, color, surface gloss, transparency, hardness and other aspects, to make appropriate deployment, to meet customer's different needs!


4. Our company promises that if there is any quality problem in the normal operation, we will replace the goods unconditionally, and our company will bear the freight incurred on the way. 


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