Silkscreen Printing Silicone Elastomer Keypad Button

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Silkscreen Printing Silicone Elastomer Keypad Button

Our company Xiamen Better Silicone Rubber Co.,Ltd is specializd in making molding and producing different types of silicone rubber keypads and switches. Rubber Keypads, as a reliable switches components, which is widely used in remote control, medical device, wireless communication device & equitment, electronic calculator etc.

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Silicone Rubber Keypad Design Structure 

1. Silicone Button & Key
2. Silicone Button Pads, 
3. Button & Key flexible webbing
4. Button & Key Travel
5. Button Conductve: Carbon Pills & Graphite Pads etc.

Notes: Silicone Keyboard Designers or Manufacturers, not only in consideration of actuation force and silicone rubber keypads structure like silicone buttons travels, keypad conductive materials, silicone rubber buttons webbing, but also should in view of silicone surface & materials demands, like symbols & icons, protective keyboard cover, silicone keypads materials choice &transparency, hardness, color spraying coating etc.

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Silicone Keypads Surface Symbols (Legends) & Icons
1. Screen Printing
2. Laser Etching (LED backlight)
3. Embossed & Debossed Molded Symbols

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Silicone Keypads Surface Protection
1. Matte Smooth Coating (Oil Coating)
2. PU Coating
3. Epoxy Coating
4. Silicone Key with Plastic Button Cap
5. Silicone Key with Metal Button Cap

Notes: PU coating is more wearproof, and protective effects is better than matte smooth (oil) coating. However, PU coating is more expensive;
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Silicone Rubber Keypads Conductive Materials
1. Graphite Pads & Black Carbon Pills
2. Electrically Conductive Printing Ink
3. Metal Domes
4. Golden Pills & Copper Pads
5. Nickle Pills

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 Life TimeResistanceDiameterThicknessAdvantageDisavantage
Carbon PillsAbove 10 Millions10-100 Ohms1.5-8 mm0.2-0.6 mmLower Resistance
Stable Life Time
Shape Limited
Conductive Ink PrintingAbove 10 Millions50-350 OhmsAvailable10-20 MicronsAny Shape is AvailableResistance Limited
Metal DomesAbove 10 Millions1-100 OhmsAvailable0.05mm-0.1mmLower Resistance Bad Tactile Feel    Without Dust Free Functions
Metal PillsAbove 10 Millions1-100 OhmsAvailable0.05mm-2mmLower Resistance

Low Production Efficiency   

High Unit Price


Xiamen Better Silicone Rubber Co.,Ltd is your reliable and professional keypads & keyboard manufacturer and suppliers. Silicone Rubber Keypads production technology and professional service is our advantage: Save your money and time.

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