Лауриновая кислота высокой степени очистки CAS NO. 143-07-7/додекановая кислота

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Lauric acid

1. Mainly used in the production of alkyd resins, wetting agents, detergents, pesticides, surfactants, food additives and cosmetics raw materials. This product is often used as a lubricant, with lubricants and vulcanizates and other functions. However, due to its corrosion to metals, it is generally not used in plastic products such as wires and cables. This product is widely used in surfactant industry, spice industry and pharmaceutical industry.

2. Used as a surface treatment agent for preparation and bonding. It is also used in the manufacture of alkyd resins, chemical fiber oils, insecticides, synthetic perfumes, plastic stabilizers, gasoline and lubricants as anti-corrosion additives. A large number of surfactants are used to produce various types of surfactants, such as cationic laurylamine, lauryl nitrile, lauryl amine, lauryl dimethylamine, lauryl trimethyl ammonium salt, etc., anionic sodium lauryl sulfate, lauryl sulfate, lauryl triethanol ammonium salt, amphoteric betaine, lauryl triethanol ammonium salt, etc. Imidazoline lauric acid, etc. Non-ionic surfactants are poly L-alcohol monolaurate, polyoxyethylene laurate, glycerol laurate polyoxyethylene ether, lauric acid diethanolamide, etc. It is also used as food additives and cosmetics.

3. Lauric acid is the raw material of soap, detergent, cosmetic surfactant and chemical fiber oil.


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