Classen 31 hdf high gloss laminate white flooring

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Product Overview


Classen 31 hdf high gloss laminate white flooring

Product Description

The minimalist style flooring to enjoy the beauty of life let you buy a healthy fashion laminate wood flooring.Laminate wood flooring ac3 ac4 wear resistant are a low cost and simple alternative to wood floors that you can install yourself. It's easy to maintain and resistant to scratches.

Why don't you love laminate flooring?

We have tens of thousands of laminate flooring color, and can produce dozens of surface types, to meet the needs of customers from all over the world.



  • The surface texture of Luckyforest laminate flooring is realistic, can be decorated into modern classical style, or rural style, improve indoor natural lighting, ac3 ac4 wear-resistant and easy to take care of.
  • The wood grain paper of Luckyforest laminated flooring wood, fresh and natural, beautiful and generous, give you a better visual enjoyment



360º water-proof laminate flooring

Surface Treatment:

Mirror, high gloss, matt, small embossed, middle embossed, big embossed, hand scratched, parquet, silk, crystal, synchronized embossed, EIR, EVA underlayment

Floor edge:

Squareedge, V groove Laminated flooring, U groove

Click system:

Single click, Arc click, Double click, Unilin click laminate flooring


800kg/m3, 830kg/m3, 870kg/m3, 900kg/m3


Beech, Sapelli, Maple, Walnut, Pine, Cherry, Oak, Teak, Sandal, Bamboo

Delivery time:

within 10 days after receive the advance payment.

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What's AC Ratings Overview?


AC1 - Laminate floors with this rating are suitable for low traffic areas, such as bedrooms.

AC2 - Laminate floors suitable to low to medium traffic, such as living rooms or dining room

AC3 - Laminate floors suitable for most areas in homes, including hallways and light commercial

AC4 - Laminate floors any where in the home as well as commercial buildings. For example: an office or store

AC5 - can be used in heavy trattic commercial areas.





Technical Specification Standard Unit Result/Caracteristic
Abrasuib resustabce EN13329 Rounds

Class 31/AC3:35g=3000r

Class 32/AC4:45g=4500r

Class 33/AC5:65g=6500r

Thickness   mm 8.3mm,11mm,12.3mm
Design of bevel     V-Groove, U-Groove, Standard Edge
Density of Baseboard EN13329 KG/M3 860KG/M3,900KG/M3
Impact resistance EN13329 mm ≤9mm
Water Absorption EN13329 % 5%
Moisture Content EN322 % 4%-7%
Formaldehyde Released E1,E0 Mg/L E1≤1.5Mg/L, E0≤0.3Mg/L
Light fastness ISO105   Blue wool, de parte B02,≤6, de parte A02,≤4
Static indentation EN438-2,14 N ≥3.0N
Reaction to fire EN438-2,18   ≥Class 4


Material of Luckyforest laminate floor:Fine fiber,with woody spicy flavors. 


(Luckyforest laminate flooring ac3 ac4 only using high quality raw materials, HDF high density fiberboard, maintain wood instinctive quality)


Luckyforest® Laminate wood flooring are easy to install and it is done quickly compared to other types of floors. Basically you just have to assemble the planks. After a couple of hours, depending on the extension of the surface of the floor to cover, you can renew the floor of a room.

Luckyforest® Cleaning laminate flooring is easy, besides these floors do not spoil easily with moisture. We can wash them with a wet cloth without much effort on our part.
Board joints can expand and contract as if they were a single plank, which prevents damage to the floor. Unlike other laminate wooden floors where only some tables are contracted and expanded.
The installation of the laminate flooring can be done on other floors, even if they are tile or vinyl, we just have to make sure that the floor has a completely hard and flat surface.


Professional Packing Team




Packing Details:

Laminate flooring with pallets
Size Pcs/Carton Sqm/Carton Cartons/Pallet Pallets/20'Ctr Sqm/20'Ctr
1220 x 199 x 8.3mm 10 2.4278 60 20 2913
1218 x 198 x 8.3mm 10 2.41164 60 20 2894
1220 x 169 x 8.3mm 10 2.0618 60 20 2474



Packing Details:

Laminate flooring without pallets
Size Pcs/Carton Sqm/Carton Cartons/20'Ctr Sqm/20'Ctr
1220 x 199 x 8.3mm 10 2.4278 1400 3399
1218 x 198 x 8.3mm 10 2.41164 1400 3376
1220 x 169 x 8.3mm 10 2.0618 1600 3299
1220 x 199 x 12.3mm 10 2.4278 920 2233
1220 x 169 x 12.3mm 10 2.0618 1067


Company Information

As one of the largest factory of laminate flooring in the north of China, We possess a modern production base of 50,000 Square meters. We has been focusing on  manufacturing, researching and selling flooring products with up to more than 10 years experience, we provide OEM brand services for the customers around all the world. And We also have our own brands like “LABUSN®”, “LUCKY FORREST™”.

Quality Control:

Adopting the rigorous technology of Germans and their flooring technique, we set up our own Independent R & D center, concentrated on the design and innovation of flooring. The inspection of finished product is the last step to control the quality, and also is the crucial step. The testing must make sure these three aspects:the samples must be 100% pass the test; all the flooring should be tested completely according to testing process;the material must meet the international standard. In our testing room of finished product, we test the flooring by all kinds of quality inspection.



Advanced production equipment:

We introduce 3 most advanced HOMAG international production line and 5 most advanced HAOJING national production line, 2 Samsung FAST production line, 2 WEINIG production line, 7 super high pressure machines. We apply the modern molecular vibration technology for degreasing and drying, according to the ambient temperature and different raw materials. Moreover, we apply the second dry to ensure that the floor is not deformed.





Our Services


We offer the service of OEM brand of laminate flooring ac3 ac4 wear resistant for global customers.

2,Premium Luckyforest laminate flooring ac3 ac4 ac5 wear layer with ScratchGuard Advanced surface protection provides superior durability, scratch and scuff resistance.

3,12mm thickness laminate flooring for greater stability and a more authentic wood sound.

4,Patented locking technology provides fast and easy installation and tight no gap joints.

5,Wider, longer planks create a clean, expansive feeling in a room.

6,Limited lifetime residential and limited 15 year light commercial warranty.

7,Underlayment of laminate flooring is required and we recommend laminate flooring for industry-leading sound and thermal insulation and moisture protection.

8,Laminate flooring 4-sided beveled edge defines the look and character of each plank.

9,Beauty and durability are not only for floors, create an impressive accent wall with stunning laminate decors from luckyforest laminated flooring.


A laminate flooring is the starting point for every project to create a personalised interior ambience. And Luckyforest® laminate floor offer you enormous latitude. Luckyforest® laminate flooring are characterised by unique aesthetics and second-to-none quality. The widely ranging decors include something for every taste. Whether you prefer perfectly emulated wood grain or stone structures with an authentic look & feel, Luckyforest® floor has the best conceivable laminate wood flooring for every setting and requirement.

This overview will acquaint you with our ten laminate collections comprising more than 50,000 different decors.





What kind of service you can get from us?

Flexible payment terms: L/C,T/T,D/P can be negotiate.

Fast delivery time: 21 days after order confirmed,or by negotiate.

Quality warranty: Make sure everything well done before products leave our factory,take all the responsibility if there be claim.

Free sample: can be sent to you by courier or put into your container

Timely and effective communication,keeping innovation on surface texture and colors,sample free provide etc.




Laminate flooring ac5 is one of the great developments in home improvement of the past 50 years.

It's inexpensive, durable and prefinished,but best of all, an intermediate DIYer can install it with just a few tools. Most of the various styles are installed by just snapping together the planks--no glue or fasteners required. In fact, the trickiest part is choosing the product!



Take a look at the AC rating of the laminate flooring to decide which one is best for your needs. AC1 is ideal for bedrooms and other spaces where you expect minimal foot traffic. AC2, on the other hand, is for medium foot traffic. AC3, meanwhile, is for high-foot traffic portions, such as the kitchen. AC4 and AC5, on the other hand, are ideal for commercial areas.

When it comes to laminate flooring ac3 ac4 in the house as well as the office space, a lot of people prefer using the option of laminate flooring hdf. Laminate tends to create an effect of wooden flooring but is cheaper than actual wooden material. It not only looks very graceful but also creates a welcoming and warm indoor environment.


Luckyforest® Laminated flooring is easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain, and it's designed to replicate the natural color, wood grain and texture of real hardwood. Laminate flooring is remarkably realistic and exceptionally durable-resistant to staining, scratches, wear and fading. Whether you want high gloss, distressed, or handscraped textures, you're sure to find all the latest trends.


What thickness is the best laminate floor?

Laminate flooring comes in several thicknesses including 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and even 15mm; but what exactly do the different thicknesses mean? Are they a guide to quality, durability, price or any other factor that might be really important when making your choice?

The bottom line when it comes to laminate flooring is that how it is made doesn’t change depending on the thickness of the board. Laminate flooring production is a clever process that involves four different layers. There’s the core layer, the backing layer, the décor layer and the wear layer. The core layer, as you’d expect is what gives the board its strength and stability. The backing layer provides support, the décor layer is what gives the floor its great looks and the wear layer is what protects your floor from day-to-day harm as well as making it easy to clean and maintain.


When you choose a laminate flooring solution, one of the first things that is likely to affect your decision is the décor layer – that’s to say, what the laminated flooring looks like. If you’re like most people, when you imagine your room, you have a mental picture of what you want your floor to look like. It may be that you want a rich, dark honey coloured wood look or you might want more of a light, bright, white washed look. Either way, with our range of laminate wood flooring which you can find here, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.


How to produce the best laminate flooring?

We would like to show you the production process of a perfect laminate flooring.





Interior decorators and architects study long and hard to master the art of colour matching. So, don’t feel inadequate if, when choosing the perfect floor colour to complement your interior, you are baffled by the endless possibilities. However, LUCKYFOREST is happy to offer you a few basic tips.



No matter how big or small the room is, the colour of your laminate floor will always have a major impact on the feeling of space you get in a room. Is your room large and wide? Than you might want to consider using warm or dark tones, like wengé laminate floors or laminated flooring walnut , for your new floor. These colours tend to make large rooms seem smaller, what makes them a lot more cozy.
And the best part is, this effect also works in the other direction. If you are cramped for space in a tiny room, using the right colours can make all the difference. Try using lighter, natural laminate floor colours like beiges or light oak. These shades have the ability to really open up a room, without you having to throw out half of your furniture.



The way you decorate and the colours you choose for your laminate floor and walls, will all have a huge impact on the atmosphere in the room. Laminate flooring light colours will give the space a sunnier, happier feel. Shades of yellow stand for optimism and fun, while white and light beige will give the room a sense of openness and purity. Want to keep your interior peaceful and cool? Than go for timeless grey tones. An interior dominated by brown colours, will have a very natural and rustic feel, while black stands for luxury and class. A black floor also gives the room a powerful and dramatic edge, full of contrast. Click here to find out more about the effect of colours on the atmosphere in your room.



Throughout the day, the lighting in your room changes gradually. Judging a floor sample colour at night, in artificial light, will give you a very different impression than during mid-afternoon in the natural sunlight. So make sure you judge the samples at different times of the day, with different lighting. Take a second to think about what kind of light you want for your new floor. A kitchen you walk in and out all day long, a bedroom that’s night-only or a children’s play room that they only use in the afternoon… every room type has its own unique lighting.



Don’t choose your laminated floor colour based on an empty room. Make sure it also matches the broader style and feel you want to give your interior. Do you have some design furniture that you want to emphasize? Then use natural colours, that will create a neutral canvas and allow your furniture to take center stage. Red tones bring a sense of luxury and go well with heavy, colonial furnishings. In general, brown tints are the best match for a country-style interior.
It’s always a good idea to take along some elements that represent your interior. A throw pillow, a paint chip or a cabinet wood sample from the room that’s getting a new floor, can be a great help determine the right colour. Using these samples, will make your decision a lot easier.



Who would have thought the majority of the best laminate flooring is made in China? But how could the best laminate flooring manufacturers be Chinese?


You may not believe it, but it’s true. Laminate flooring first came to the shores of China back in 1995 under the flag of Pergo and since then the laminate flooring industry has exploded throughout the country making China the “go to” production base for the biggest laminate flooring brands in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Thailand, Turkey and Australia.


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