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High quality SMT pcba printed circuit board assembly service

printed circuit board assembly

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printed circuit board assembly


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Related Products

printed circuit board assembly 

2 layer PCB

printed circuit board assembly

Multilayer PCB

printed circuit board assembly 

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printed circuit board assembly 


printed circuit board assembly

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printed circuit board assembly 


POE Main Products

1. Single sided PCB

2. Double sided PCB

3. 2 layer PCB

4. Multilayer PCB

5. PCB manufacture

6. Aluminum PCB

7. ROHS 94v0 PCB

8. PCB Assembly

9. LED PCB 94V0


11.Flexible PCB

12.Rigid Flex OCB



PCBA Capability


The main SMT production line consists of automated high-precision state-of-the-art equipments from PanasonIC,Sumsung, Japan total 6 lines (Smallest SMT components size can reach to 0201,capable of 0.6mm*0.3mm ~ 50mm*50mmQFP, 0.15mm gap, ±0.05 accuracy ),EMS capacity can reach 150,000,000 components per month. Our engineering team has extensive experience in DFM/DFA/DFT technologies. SMT, BGA Rework, Re-balling, X-Ray are all readily achieveable. Stencils can be cut and delivered inside of 4 hours.


Delivery Time:
Order Conditions
Standard Delivery Date
The fastest Delivery Date
   Prototype  ( <20pcs)
   Small Volume     (20-100pcs)
  Medium Volume (100-1000)
  Mass Production   (>1000)
 Depends on BOM
Depends on BOM

We produce PCBs for our customers working in frequency ranges from LED products to communication equipments and in industries as diverse as Medical devices through to automotiveaerospace and Bluetooth etc.

Company Information


POE established on April 25, 1996 with 400 employees and 25000sq.m Of production and office area. We can offer one-stop service from PCB manufacturing to PCB assembling, testing and housing. with in-time delivery after more than 23 years of successful experience on the global EMS market. Our PCB production capacity can reach 40000 sq.m. per month and EMS assembling capacity at 150,000,000 components per month.

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printed circuit board assembly

printed circuit board assembly

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