Human Anatomical Model 85cm Human Skeleton Model

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Product Description

Plastic PVC Human Skeleton Model:


 An economical teaching skeleton with full natural movement and a user-friendly personality that will encourage children to learn the names of the bones, with details to satisfy students, doctors or anyone interested in the human skeleton.


Human skeleton model MaterialApplicationSizeType
Advanced PVCMedical education45Mini
85With/without spinal nerves

life size(170/180)
With spinal nerves
With colored muscles, blood vessels
With colored muscles, spinal nerves, heart, blood vessels


Product Description:

  • the skull: the composition of the skull from the 22 craniofacial skull cross-section, taken after the show intracranial structure, the lower stapes can be active.
  • Spine: Consisting of 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae, 5 lumbar vertebrae, 1 sacrum, 1 coccyx and 23 intervertebral cartilage. And showed the neck, chest, waist, sacral four physiological bending.
  • chest: from 24 ribs, a sternum, costal cartilage and spinal thoracic part of the connection, constitute the thorax.
  • the pelvis: the sacrum, coccyx and 2 hip bone.
  • upper extremity bone: 64 bone composition, part of the shoulder strap shoulder and clavicle fixed in the thorax, the upper limbs can be detached free, shoulder, elbow, wrist and other joints are free to move.
  • lower extremity bone: composed of 62 bones, lower limb fixed with the pelvis, lower extremity can be disassembled, hip, knee and other joints are free to move.
Detailed Images

85cm human skeleton model without spinal nerves:

skull model pvc.jpg


skull model.jpg


skull model plastic.jpg



85cm human skeleton model with heart with colored blood vessels:


skeleton 1.jpgskeleton.jpg


 85 skeleton 2.jpg

ali skeleton.jpg

Various types of human skeleton model, welcome to contact us for more details:


human 3.jpg



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 Human Anatomical Model 85cm Human Skeleton Model

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