Recycled and virgin HDPE resin/granules/pellets plastic raw materials LDPE/LLDPE/PP/PVC resin

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Product Overview



Material Status:          white/black/transparent granules

Availability:           All over the world

Features:              1.Copolymer                2.Good Flow

                       3.Fast Molding Cycle          4.High Density

                       5.Food Contact Acceptable     6.Narrow Molecular Weight Distribution

                       7.Recyclable Material

Use:                 1.Bottles                    2.Household Goods

                       3.Food Containers            4.Thin-walled Containers

Forms:                 Pellets

Processing Method:       Injection Molding


Physical                            Nominal Value Unit               Test Method

  Specific Gravity                        0.970 g/cm3                 ASTM D1505

Melt Mass-Flow Rate(MFR)(190°C/2.16 kg)    18g/10 min               ASTM D1238

Mechanical                          Nominal Value Unit               Test Method

  Tensile Strength(Yield)                     25.0 MPa                 ASTM D638

  Tensile Elongation(Break)                   950%                    ASTM D638

   Flexural Modulus                        1000 MPa                 ASTM D790

Hardness                             Nominal Value Unit              Test Method

  Durometer Hardness(Shore D)                  65                    ASTM D2240

Thermal                              Nominal Value Unit               Test Method

  Vicat Softening Temperature                    120°C                 ASTM D746

   Melting Temperature                         130°C              

   Clte  Flow                           0.00020 cm/cm/°C            ASTM D696


Additional Information

  Charpy Impact Strength,ASTM D256: 5

   Thermal Conductivity,ASTM C177: 0.51 W/m2

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