pork bone stock soup C type for delicious soup most for hot pot

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Product Overview


pork bone stock soup C type for delicious soup most for hot pot

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Food and soup both delicious, no residue

Quick and easy to cook

Do not add any other seasoning, one-package condiment

Cook any food: sliced fish, meat, potato, lotus root, vegetables, noodles, eggs, rice noodles…

Homemade, very popular for restaurant and/or family, even one person


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Tomatoes Hot Pot Soup Condiment/Seasoning/Base


1kg/bag, 280g/bag

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Health&Tasty hot pot, no need  other seasoning.

Food and soup both delicious.

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Restaurant or family for any dish, you can add any food into the hot pot soup, such as sliced fish, meat, noodle, vegetables…

Hot Pot Condiment/Seasoning/Base

1 kg/bag, 280g/bag

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Hot pot

Spiced Bean Curd

80g/100g/150g/200g/250g per bag

Halal certification, hundreds years traditional process combined with modern technology. Famous bean curd manufacturing place in South China.

Chinese snack, easy carrying for travel, for bar or meeting or family


Product Overviews



pork bone


Nutrition Information

Item                                          Per 100g                                   NRV%

Energy                                      935kj                                        11%

Protein                                       6.0g                                         10%

Fat                                           16.9g                                        28%

Carbohydrate                           12.2g                                          4%

Sodium                                   4604mg                                     230%


Main Application:

For hot pot, hot pot soup, fast food soup, noodle, rice noodle etc. Chinese style soup, fish and/or meat and/or vegetable soup.



How to Cook

Easy to serve, even a part-timer can serve like a 5-stars-level chef.


For noodles or rice noodles of restaurants

Add this seasoning(about 10% of water) to the boiled water, stir and cook until boil again or boiling for several minutes. The  soup is finished. Get the soup in the bowel, add water-well-cooked noodles or rice noodles into the bowel, then can be eaten.


R&D Team

Rich experience 10 persons in R&D department, can continually create new flavor condiments.


Quality Control

Finished/packaged products can be traced by lot identification to the appropriate raw material test reports and test persons.




Strictly control and manage the raw materials, formula and final products according to the highest standard of the industry.


After Sales Service

Quickly respond customers requirement and resolve complaints etc. .


Package and storage

31*20*23cm/carton; 1kg*10bags/carton

(we can provide bigger packing, 25kg/barrel, Φ32*36cm; 10kg/barrel, Φ27*25cm)

Storage conditions: stored in clean, ventilation, cool and dry place.



1.    Samples and small order will bent by express (EMS,DHL, FedEx etc.)

2.    Large amount order will transport by sea or train

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