Automatic Powder Unpacking Machine

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Price:$45,000.00 - $48,000.00
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Product Overview


Dustless Automatic Bag Unpacking Machine



1. Power supply: 380V three-phase five-wire
2. Working temperature: -20ºC ~+65ºC
3. Barometric pressure: 0.8 MPa
4. Total power: 11 kw
5. Equipment size: 5 m* 2.5 m*3 m in length, width and height
6. Equipment operating area: minimum usable area of 20 square meters


1. Single stack running time (6 layers): 210 seconds
2. Efficiency: 20-50 tons/hour
3. Unpacking materials: granular materials and powder materials (need to be equipped with dedusting equipment)
4. Residue: 0.01%
5. Pallets: Length, width and height  1800mm/1500mm/150mm

Problems existing in manual bag unpacking post

1. Shortage of employment, difficulty in recruitment and serious ageing
Labor intensity is high, and it is difficult to recruit workers. At present, the average age of workers is over 45 years old.

2. Increasing labor costs and fierce competition in the industry
With the increase of price, the cost of labor is rising, and the average wage is more than CNY5,000/month/worker. Social security, accommodation and management costs are also rising year by year.

3. Increased employment risk
Cutting and bruising accidents occur frequently in manual unpacking posts, and labor disputes increase.


Fully automatic dustless bag unpacking advantages:

1. Reducing labor intensity of feeding materials
Fully automatic cutting and feeding without the participation of personnel.

2. Improving feeding efficiency
Match with feed receiving capacity and interlock with feed scraper to prevent scraper from idling and save power consumption.

3. Low residues
Advanced dithering design, minimum bag residue control, improve user value.

4. Reducing employment risks and costs
Fully replace the feeder, reduce the risk of employment, each shift only needs a forklift worker responsible for forklift handling and waste woven bags finishing, saving labor costs, about a year and a half can recover equipment costs.

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