Single Person Cryosauna Cryo Chamber Used In Health Centers

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Product Overview


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Single Person Cryosauna Cryo Chamber Used In Health Centers

Liquid Nitrogen Cryosauna
Power supply:
Low power consumption
Unit weight
Liquid Nitrogen Consumption
Temperature in cabin:
Between -130 C and -170C
Required space

Product Parameter

Product Function

Six Functions
1.Muscle recovery
2.Health Care
3.Beaty and anti-aging
4.aerobic dance
5.Recovery of injury and illness
6.Sleep-aided antidepressant

Who Would Benefit From WBC?
1.Perople who suffer from insomnia,anxiety and endocrine diseases
2.People who suffer from muscle injury.
4.People who are looking forward to enhancing their immunity and metabolism
5.People who are looking forward to better skin and an improved body shape.

Product packaging

Company Information


1.Is cryosauna a medical device?
No, our Liquid Nitrogen cryosaunas are classified as non-medical body-care equipment.We have European CE.
2.What is your cryosaunas’ lead time?
It depends on your order and our manufacturing schedule. Usually we are ready to ship your cryosauna in 20 days after
you confirm the order.
3.How much it would cost to import your cryotherapy machine to my country?
Our cryosaunas’ HS Code (Product Code) is 8418699090. Based on the code your customs agent will tell you what taxes
and fees you need to pay for importing a cryosauna.
What are your arrangements for delivering a cryosauna?
We can help you to ship your cryosauna to any country by Sea. Your cryosauna will be safely packed and quickly
delivered to your nearest Port.
What do I do if my cryosauna has any issue?
Contact us in any convenient way. Our technical staff will help to solve the issue through Wi-Fi or give advice on
solving it depending on the information you provide. We are on stand-by 20 hours per day to serve our customers located
in different time zones.
5.Is it safe to use liquid nitrogen?
Yes, liquid nitrogen is not toxic and not explosive. Most important is to follow safety rules during any operations
with liquid nitrogen and store it in the right way to minimize liquid nitrogen loss.
6.Where can I buy liquid nitrogen?
Liquid nitrogen suppliers are available everywhere. You can either google liquid nitrogen suppliers closest to your
location or contact our sales department and get their contacts.
7.What is the liquid nitrogen price in my region?
This question should better be addressed to local suppliers. You can negotiate a better price from them considering
your regular liquid nitrogen orders in the future.

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