Professional fine bubble disc air diffuser

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Product Overview


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Product Introduction


Since 1995, YULONG®-AERATION has sold more than 2.5 million fine bubble wastewater diffusers worldwide. Our core competence and sole focus is engineering, designing, and client support for bubble diffuser assemblies and membranes.

disc air diffuser



1.     In practical projects, when fine bubble diffuser working, we find that the region of the highest stress is mainly in the outer edges and central membrane. As a result, the stretching of membrane with traditional design is limited, meanwhile the membrane is easy to tear and faces high aeration resistance.Under such condition, the oxygenation capacity decreases, the power consumption and maintenance cost increase.

       In order to avoid the abovementioned defects, we thicken the outer edges and central membrane. Such designs greatly improve the service life of YULONG® fine bubble diffuser.

disc air diffuser


2. Double check valve, periphery fold sealing                   3. Imported EPDM material from France

structure can prevent diaphram dropping off from 

the PP plate.

disc air diffuser


4. Unique porous technology makes the disc air diffuser bubble release evenly, with High Oxygen Transmission efficiency (OTE)

5. Good effect on saving in power, and low operating cost

6. The membrane has good self-cleaning and anti-clogging property

7. Easy to exclude failure, easy maintance and management

8. Simple structure for easy installation

9. Project cost is lower.



Speicifications Date





Diameter of Rubber membrane(mm)



Air Flow(m3/h)



Service Area(m2/piece)



Oxygen Utilization Ratio(%)



Oxygenation Capacity(kg O2/kw·h)



Theoretical Power Efficiency(kg O2/kw·h)



Resistance Loss(Pa)



Air Bubble Diameter(mm)



Connector size

G3/4" Screwed connection

Note: The above data is tested in 4M depth clear water.



Transaction History

Sharing our transaction history for your reference, thanks.

disc air diffuser


disc air diffuser

disc air diffuser

From March to Dec in 2016, the sales are booming.

Professional Design & Technical support

disc air diffuser

Packing and Delivery

Selling Units

25 pieces per carton or depend on your request

Package size per batch

60*40*30 cm

Gross weight per batch

14.2 KG

Package Type

25 pcs per carton

Shipment terms

FOB, CIF,  CFR,  DDP, DDU, FTA, etc.  


Shanghai, Ningbo

Delivery time

Within 3~5 working days after receipt or your payment


disc air diffuser

Company profile


Jiangsu Yulong environment protection CO., Ltd, which was founded in 1995. Our company is engaged in waste water treatment for 22 years. We are a high-tech enterprise with strong technology team, has been engaging in environment protection industry and related products R&D, production, investment operation, etc. 

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Buyer Feedback


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1. Q: What is your MOQ? 
    A: We have no MOQ limited for our standard specification products. We always prepare enough new stocks to reduce the stock cost for our clients.

2.Q: What is your delivery date ? 
    A: Normally we will ship you our standard specifications goods about 3-5 working days after receiving your payment. It depends on the quantities you order. 


*The information provided here is for reference only.  


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