White color square good price smart temperature Thermostat Controller

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Product Overview


Product Description
Product Name
Flexible Touch  Digital Temperature Thermostat Controller
Flame retardant+ABS
 digital smart control
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Optional function
A: Control the fan coil / wind cabinet.
B: Control the heating equipment.
C: Control fan coil and three-wire electric valve.
D: Control the electric damper / water valve.
E: Four controls, control fan coils and two
Cold/hot water electric valve.
F: Control proportional integral control valve.
T: has a clock function
T: has a clock function
Y: with remote control
J: has host linkage function
L: with backlight function
P: Independent timing function
N: RS485 communication function
Technical indicators
Self power consumption: <1.5W
Timing error: <0.1%
Power supply voltage: 220VAC 50HZ
Load current: 2A (inductive load) 5A (resistive load)
Temperature control range: 10 ° C ~ 30 ° C Temperature control accuracy: 0.5 ° C
Dimensions: 88mmx90mmx15.4mm (height x width x thickness)
Function and display instructions
Menu function operation flow
* Set temperature adjustment

Press “∧” to increase the temperature and press “∨” to decrease the temperature.
* Key lock setting

Press the button to lock the state, press the “∧” and “∨” buttons for more than 5 seconds to lock the panel, and then press for
more than 5 seconds to unlock.
* Wind speed setting & fan running time equivalent display

The buttons are: automatic wind, high speed wind, medium speed wind
Low speed wind. Press and hold for 3 seconds, the upper right corner of the screen shows the current running time equivalent of
the fan.
4, running mode settings
Press the “M” key to switch between cooling, heating and ventilation.
5, sleep function settings
Press and hold the “M” button to switch to the sleep icon flashing, press “∧” to confirm,
Press “∨” to cancel.
6, time & time switch machine settings
Long press the “M” button to switch to the time setting and timer switch settings, adjust the order, Beijing time minutes ->
Beijing time hours -> Beijing time week -> timed open minutes -> timed open hours -> timed off minutes -> timing When the hour is
off, press the “M” key to switch to the next parameter flashing, press the “∧” key to set the value plus, press the “∨” key to set
the value minus.

Product Usage
  • 效果说明

The LCD digital thermostat is suitable for temperature control of wind cabinets or fan coils, electric valves/electric dampers,
electric air outlets and heating equipment. The large-screen liquid crystal display is used to detect the indoor temperature or
the air duct temperature through the NTC (negative temperature coefficient) temperature sensor inside the thermostat, and compare
with the temperature set by the user in real time to automatically adjust the intake of the cold and the heating. The amount and
the opening or closing of the electric valve of the pipeline to maintain the indoor constant temperature.
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Company Introduction
Founded in 2015, Xiamen Juyingfeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Xiamen, Fujian, China. It is a thermostat
(Thermostat), liquid crystal display (LCD), liquid crystal display module (LCM) and backlight (back light), digital tube and other
LED, module product customization and research and development, production and sales as the core business of high-tech

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